Making Your Home Sing Monday: Emotions

Here is the original post.  This is my first time participating in this meme, and I think it’s a good way to start the regular week.

THIS post was written for me. Not that I personally know the author – but this is EXACTLY where I am at RIGHT NOW.

It is HOT. I don’t like HOT. I don’t enjoy sticky, sweaty weather. It is NOT my thing, and it makes me TERRIBLY irritable and cranky.

NOT that it is a real excuse to be so irritable and crabby with my family. And yet I am. And have been for TOO many days. ARGH!

And yes, I can be pleasant and shake hands with strangers at church, and turn around and be harsh with my family. (ouch!)  Feeling the sting of conviction today…

So, today, waking up early and having some cuddly time with Roy (it being NOT so HOT at 5 a.m.), and time for coffee, I determined to be different today.

Breakfast with the girls.  Some cuddling & TV time.  And then out of the house.  Shopping.  Not buying – just time together out of the house.

It is sunny.  Beautiful.  And thankfully, BREEZY, today.  While the girls nap, I am getting myself “together” – devotions, making phone calls that need to be made, laundering 1 load of (very dirty from playing this weekend) clothes, decluttering & straightening the Living Room, and planning for the week.

Otherwise, taking deep breaths, and enjoying ICED tea!

After naps – it’ll be time to play outside on the “new” swingset and drawing with chalk on the back patio.

I’ve been praying through my day.  Praying for wisdom.  For a “quiet and gentle” spirit.  Remembering the wonderful Ladies Event at church this past weekend – and knowing God can fill me up where I’m empty.  When I ask.  When I need it.  Not pressing on through “lists” or “chores” so much today.

Mondays are a hard adjustment for all of us because Daddy goes back to work.  Not a good day to put a lot of pressure on “doing” – but a great day to just spend time “being” – and being together.

Less TV time and more Praise & Worship music today…

And that’s how I am praying to make MY home sing today!!!


4 Responses to “Making Your Home Sing Monday: Emotions”

  1. momstheword Says:

    What a lovely post. I loved what you said about the Lord filling us up when we’re empty. So many times I rely on my own strength instead of the One Who has all the strength!

    I think sometimes we just get so busy doing what we need to do, that we forget to rest in Him. I am goal-oriented, and so for me, it’s all about accomplishing the goal. If I’m not careful, I can lose somebody along the way, lol!

    I noticed you twitter so I am going to find and follow you on there, if that’s o.k! Thank you for joining us today!

  2. Erin Says:

    I love when someone posts something that speaks to me, as momstheword’s post spoke to you. It helps, somehow, to know I’m not the only one struggling with this, that, or the other thing. It sounds like you have a perfect plan for a wonderful day…perfect for you and your family…

    Happy Monday!

  3. Organizing Mommy Says:

    I loved this. Good reminders to sit back and cuddle and enjoy the breeze. Too stressed about stuff! I need to celebrate more!

  4. Dawn Says:

    Deb – Loved this post…except for the HOT part! We are freezing. I hate freezing about as much as you hate HOT!!! UGH! Your post really hit home with me today, too. Girlfriend, you have a gift for writing what others feel. Good for you for cuddling with your girls and hubbers!!! 🙂 And letting God fill you up.

    Have a great Tuesday!

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