Guest Blogger: Did your momma teach you good manners?


It’s great to have Alyssa Avant, of Beauty By Design, joining us here at The Cafe again today…

“Yes, ma’am”, “No ma’am”, “Thank you”, “No thank you” are these words common practice in your day-to-day life? I have had conversations lately with ladies where they will ask me to stop saying, “yes ma’am” to them, because we are close in age, then I have also had conversations with older people who were surprised by my saying those things. The simple fact is, unfortunately good manners are not common practice in today’s society. This is sad, good manners are like a good name, a part of our character that should be Christ-like.

There are other areas of life that this applies to, I have always been taught to be grateful for what others do for you and in return to show your appreciation through the written word. I am the queen of Thank you notes. I believe that a short well written thank you note is sure to make someone feel appreciated for their deeds or actions. Showing gratitude in even the smallest of circumstances makes a real impact on those around you and helps them to see your Godly character shining through.

When doing some research online about this topic, one of the manners that I came across that many people today seem to hold up in importance is for children to not talk while adults are talking. Also, for us as adults even, to not interrupt each other when talking. I am sure we have all encountered both situations and agree that good manners are important.

I think it is our duty as mothers of a new generation to teach our children these things. Hold up in importance the daily practices that we so often have let go by the wayside these days. Godly respect is important and should be made a priority. We are called to “train up a child in the way that they should go.” Going with good manners will help them a great deal in the days ahead. It is our duty as parents to instill in our children good practices.

Alyssa Avant is a Christian, speaker, blogger and podcaster. She creates guides to help moms encourage their daughters and help to “turn the hearts of girls towards God”.  Help your daughter find the social graces and charms of days past with Alyssa’s Christian Charm School Workbook.  Available in ebook or hard copy.


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  1. James Says:

    In showing good manners parents have been raving about a 120 kids recipe book to me. This book is free and encourages kids with recipes of things they like. During this time is perfect for teaching and showing child manners along with sound practices. It gets children from in front of the tv and video games.

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