National Honesty Day

Seriously.  It’s a real holiday.

Should I be concerned that it’s at the opposite end of the month that begins with April Fool’s Day???

Anyhew, I decided to just put it all out here.

Well, not ALL of it, but a lot of it.  Honestly.

Things about me you never knew.

And probably don’t WANT to know –

Hey, I’m just being honest!


1.  I have a dead-skin picking fetish.  Sunburn. Dandruff.  Whatever.  Compelled to peel it off.  Can’t leave it alone.  Except on total strangers…

2. I don’t eat NEARLY enough chocolate.  I’m ENTIRELY chocolate deficient.

3. I do believe that coffee – good coffee – is going to be in Heaven.  Not because we will need it.  But just because God loves us!

4. My most embarrassing moment:  I once had to pee in a cup in the back end of an aisle while flying on a little propeller airplane because there was no bathroom.  And because I had consumed 32 oz of Diet Coke before takeoff.  Despite the efforts of the Tom-Cruise “Top Gun” lookalike copilot’s effort to “fly faster” to our destination. (Seriously!)
Other passengers on board?  About 15.  A blanket or door for privacy?  Yeah, right!  HA – I laugh in the face of danger humiliation. Normally my bladder can withstand 5 hour trips without stopping – but due to the lack of stable air pressure (and the aforementioned bathroom) on this 55 minute flight, I was forced to resort to using the 32 oz cup, while descending into the Ft. Wayne International airport.  sigh...

5.  I love watching The Last of the Mohicans.  I loved reading the book, too.

6. I DON’T like to wear shoes.  Would rather be barefoot just about every day.

7. I fantasize about living on a homestead – building our own house, relying on alternative energy, growing our own food, canning & preserving, feeding & caring for all kinds of animals (chickens, goats, a pig, alpacas), baking bread all day, making our own clothes.  Laura Ingalls Wilder inspires me.

8.  Sometimes, I watch girl movies JUST so I can cry.  (Thank you, Debra Romano!)

9.  Domestic Divapalooza – is one of my new blogger heroes!  You GO, Girl!

10.  Despite my desperate desire for organization & simplicity, if you were to drop by my house at any given moment, you’d likely find a big pile of dishes to be washed – toys, clothes, crayons, & books all over my living room – dust bunnies & cobwebs – and at least one “lost” sippy cup – somewhere – in some stage of fermenting milk…  In order to sit down, you’d have to move a pile of jackets or books or toys.  I DON’T have a fairy godmother, and I DO have 2 active little girls. I am a MOP!!!

11.  I knew when I met my husband, Roy, during my first semester at college, that I wanted to marry him.  That he would be the one I would marry.  It did not become readily apparent that would ACTUALLY be the case for almost 13 years, but here we are 18 years after we first met – married & parents together…  Unbelievable!!!

12.  Cindy Rushton is another one of my new favorite people EVER! Have I met her? Nope.  Do I wanna?  Yep! She has & does SO. MUCH. STUFF. for women & families at any age or stage!!!  Ezines. Audios. Ebooks.  Downloads.  Freebies.  Sales. Her websites include: Talk-a-Latte, Cindy’s Desktop, Mom to Mom Radio Show, and more!  And how about the 2009 Ultimate Woman’s Expo?  You can still buy your “ticket” to this exclusive Membership Site and access ALL of the materials: ebooks, audios, & downloads! With access to special offers from the speakers & vendors!!! And not only that, but she’s from Alabama and has this sweet southern twang to her voice, that reminds me VERY much of another Cyndi I dearly love & adore!  If you need some Christian refreshment – check her out!!!

SO – now it’s YOUR TURN!  What are you willing to be honest about?

Feel free to share your comments below!


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  1. Felicia Says:

    Wow, what a day! Honestly! I’ll admit to sharing the homesteader dream. My mom teases that I’ve “gone country” without ever having living in it. She’s amazed at whatever new old-fashioned trade I picked up. Today I received my order from the Ecostore – thanks again for the gift certificate! The dish liquid arrived just in time to wash the glass ware from my homemade lotion experiment. Remember we use lotion to RETAIN moisture. Washing it off is a challenge, but Ecostore’s hand dish liquid performed wonderfully, honestly!

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