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I am very excited that beginning next week, I will be working with Kelly McCausey genius-internet-marketing-guru & mom behind Mom’s Talk Network and Mom Masterminds – in a 10-week blogging internship with 9 other interns!

I am absolutely THRILLED to be working with someone who really has found a niche in offering information to moms who want to help provide for their family financially – especially from home.  I will be serving my internship and honing my skills at Family Foodies (yay – a recipe/food/cooking blog!)  I will still be posting here as usual, but will have some added posts there – so be sure to check back often!

Kelly has teamed up with some other internet marketing work-from-home experts (like Alice Seba, Carrie Lauth, and more) to put together a wide variety of Moms Talk ebooks like: Hot Mama Makeover, Find the Time Mama, and Be a Great Mama.  These are great little ebooks with some powerful messages and information!  You’ll find a great variety of other ebooks on Organization, Kids’ Health, Family Budgeting, and more!

I call Kelly a genius because she really has so much available to moms who want to work from home, business idea guides for moms who want to start their own business, or resources and tips on how to just be better moms!  She offers one on one business coaching (how does she find the time?), teaches Profitable Mommy Blogging, and provides under-her-wing mentoring at WAHM Talk Radio.

If you are a mom who wants to work from home, or needs help getting business ideas moving forward – I invite you to check out any of these website links in this post.  No jobs are ever guaranteed, but you might find that “spark” you have been looking for that will enable you to earn an income at home.

Have a Blessed Day!

P.S. – If you’ve been thinking of starting an at home business, but wasn’t sure if it was right for you – I just found something that might help. It’s a quick quiz that will show you if you’re suited for an at home career, what type of business you might set up and additional tips to help you get started.

The quiz only takes a couple of minutes and you can take it right here

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