Not for the Faint of Heart: MSNBC’s Children for Sale

I already have a post on this very topic waiting for me to hit the “publish” button.

Regarding human trafficking. (Here is a definition.)

Stuff that has been difficult to read about – to learn about – to research.  And even harder to publish.  I don’t feel I can do it justice.  I don’t feel like I can draw a clear enough picture.  I don’t feel my words can move you ENOUGH to get involved and help.  And not just sit there thinking, “Oh – this is so terrible!”

So I’m going to start with this.  If you haven’t seen MSNBC’s Children for Sale – you can find it here. Children sold into slavery for sex.  Pimped out by other children – to adult men.  Several Americans, in fact.  Attempts to rescue them, headed by the International Justice Mission.* 

It is compelling.  Appalling.  Horrifying.

As my babies lie in their beds asleep, I am moved to do something.

What – I don’t know yet.

What can I do?

Well, I’m going to find out and I’m going to put it out here for anyone else who is horrified by the trauma and abuse inflicted on young children (as young as 5 years old!)

FYI – here is an article published at Today’s Christian Woman  January/February 2008.

Whatever you do – whatever you feel, can only be determined by you.  Avert your head, and close your eyes.  Or keep reading and find out more ways you can help.

What I can do now is write more about this.  I will post more information about this.  And there will be a new page here on my blog dedicated solely to the scourge of Human Trafficking and the child sex trade.  And the rescue organizations that seek to put an end to this debauchery.

This is not limited to CambodiaThis is in our back yard

*IJM is not alone – there are others – more info to come…


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  1. Joye Says:

    I am so glad you posted about this! We as Christians need to do all we can to rescue these children! I really want to find out more ways to help, too. I’m following you so I can read more about this.

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