Happy Memorial Day

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As the daughter of a former US Marine and Air Force serviceman, patriotism runs deep in my veins.  Since I can remember.

Today is a day to remember and BE THANKFUL FOR the men and women who have served our country with pride, honor & dignity.  Sure, there are always those exceptions whose behavior threatens to tarnish the reputation of what an American Soldier really is.  But I don’t focus on them.  They are, after all, the exception.

There are men – like my dad – who served his country, without hesitation, at his country’s first call.  Because it was his responsibility as an American to uphold and defend everything America stands for.

Men, like my brother, who enlisted in the Navy and served faithfully – earning his degree with tuition help in return – and yet facing the threat of hostile terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I’m not saying I like war.

I’m not saying I’m glad my family members have had to risk their lives and that so many lives are lost in war.

I’m saying that I am willing and proud to honor men and women, like my dad and my brother, who stand in the face of war to protect Freedom.

With Honor.


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  1. slamdunk Says:

    Well said–certainly a day to remember.

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