In previous posts, I’ve alluded to a personal transformation my life has been undergoing for some time now.  My journey as a SAHM has been life-changing for me, and continues to reveal much about me.

When I was leaving my work just over one year ago, a concerned friend said to me, “Be sure to take care of yourself. Just don’t lose yourself.”  I’ve found instead, that being a SAHM is bringing me closer to my authentic self  who I really am – even though the process is not easy…

Through a variety of means, God has been revealing to me – step by step – this path He has called me to.  Some require serious discipline.  Some require serious commitment.  Some require letting go of ideologies I have long held to that, to put it bluntly, conflict with God’s Word. It is becoming clearer to me – and the time is approaching when I can finally write about it as I am being called to do.

It’s also with a great deal of excitement that I can also let you know, I’ll be moving to a “.com” website of my own! So keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned for more details!

As for the rest of this week, I am preparing for these things to come and will be traveling with Roy & the girls to visit my family, so posts may be sparse – but I’ll be back full force June 1st!

In the meantime, check out these posts that totally inspire me:

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Until next time,

Have a Blessed Week!


5 Responses to “Transformations…”

  1. Narelle Says:

    Just wanted to know that YOU really inspire me.
    I am so encouraged by your honesty and how open you are.
    Bless you in your travels this week.

  2. christinnjon Says:

    Enjoy your time away!! Thank you for the link love! I am working to pull together a weekly post of my own to share link love as well, so I will definitely be returning the favor. 🙂

  3. mrsbaker11 Says:

    WOW! YOU inspire me too! =) A great post and I love the links to posts that you presented here too – they all blessed my heart, and make me so happy to be a woman and the many ‘hats’ that sometimes entails. God bless you and all your ministries – especially in your own home.

  4. slamdunk Says:

    Have fun with the break and congrats on the upcoming .com move.

  5. Erin Hill Says:

    So, true! I remember when I became a SAHM, everyone told me that I’d be back to work within 2 years because I’d be so bored. Guys told my husband he’d better keep me busy at home or I’ll be depressed. And people I met continually thought I had no goals in life because I chose to stay at home.

    At first, I let all of this talk get to me, and I found myself agreeing with them. I was very uncomfortable telling people I was a SAHM and I felt like I had no identity of my own.

    But now, I feel I have found myself. My TRUE self. Working actually kept me from finding out who I was and what I wanted. Now, I thank God that he led me to become a SAHM, because I am truly happy for the first time in my life. And boy do I have goals!

    Can’t wait to see your new site!

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