Cookbook Giveaway

The Vintage Homemaker is a fun blog I really enjoy!  Melissa Ringstaff hosts “A Virtuous Woman” on ning – and it’s one of my favorite groups!

Melissa is cleaning out her cookbook collection and is giving away 9 of them!  All you need to win one of these books is to blog about it with a link back to her post – and leave her a comment!

Here are the books she’s giving away.

#1 The Festive Vegetarian by Rose Elliot

#2 Home Baking by Martha Day

#3 The Recipes of the Five Brothers Vol. III

#4 In the Kitchen with Rosie (& Oprah Winfery) by Rosie Dailey

#5 Prime Time Emeril by Emeril Lagasse

#6 One Potato, Two Potato by Roy Filamore

#7 Cooking without Fat by George Matelijan

#8 Recipes 1-2-3 by Rozanne Gold

#9 The Flavor of the South by Jeanne A. Voltz

Melissa is an author herself, and you can find her practical (and pretty) books at Proverbs 31 Bookstore.

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