Are You A Winner?

So have you been paying attention to the giveaway & contest links I’ve posted here lately?  I hope you have, because I’ll tell you what – you gotta enter to win.

I’ve been entering several contests lately – and winning…  I’m not bragging – I just want you to be aware that a 30 second entry can really pay off!!!

First – you should keep tabs to the sections in my right sidebar titled “Great Shops & Sites” and “Contests~Giveaways” because that’s where I will post links current giveaways!  Some of them are sites offering a summer carnival or a special for Father’s Day – and some of them are sites that regularly offer a variety of contests & giveaways! (And I’m hoping with the move to a plain ol’ .com blog, the blog face will be cleaner, and we’ll have pages for all my links & buttons. =)

Secondly – I will keep blogging about great giveaways I find and don’t hesitate to enter them.  Some of them only require a comment to a blog post – some offer additional entries via Twitter, subscription to the blog, etc.  It’s up to you!

Now I’ll tell you why giveaways are worth entering:

My very first contest entry was a CUTE keychain from SmartMom.  It was a hunter green camouflage design – and I got it in time for Miss Georgie!  I can’t remember the blog I won it from, but I was pretty excited about it!

So fast forward to recently, and I’ve been winning left & right – a wide variety of things…

Like this necklace from Dayspring for becoming Sarah Mae’s 300th Google friend at Like a Warm Cup of Coffee…  This is my VERY favorite blog.  Sarah Mae tackles some TOUGH issues and if you haven’t visited her – I am TELLING you to… (and I AM the Queen…)

I also won the very cute BonBon Cupcakes Leggings for Princess Curly – pink with hot pink ruffles.  Hello!  Moomettes Magnificent Reviews has some good stuff to give away – and she’s got it going on!

Then I won a very cool – very funky Planet Wise wet bag from Connected2Christ.  I just got it today, as a matter of fact!  I selected the “Art Deco” pattern for this medium sized bag – and Greg even said it’s pretty!!!

Another one of my free gifts came today, too – a book called, “Me, Myself, and Lies: A Thought Closet Makeover by Jennifer Rothschild.  Mary at Giving Up on Perfect is starting a Bible study of this book on Monday, 6/8.  I ACTUALLY won the book because one of her readers had an extra one to giveaway! Anyway, Mary is hosting live chats at her blogs on Mondays, and will link to the downloads for the videos.

As I mentioned previously – Last, but not least, I did win a ticket to “A Woman Inspired Conference – Ministry: Online.”  I am VERY excited about this.  It is going on Monday-Thursday this week with several sessions daily -and audios will be available for download after June 15th.  As of this writing – tickets are still available.  Here is the schedule – and here are some giveaways going on during the conference!

Now I’ll be honest – I have entered many other giveaways & contests.  For all kinds of cool goodies!

But I especially entered multiple giveaways for Keurig Platinum brewing system and never won.  This would be the ultimate in prizes for me!  I have entered every one I found.   I’m still hoping for this one at J. Leigh Designz.  LOL  Now I’m entering this oneIf you happen to win it, I just ask that you NOT tell me

So – here is just a short list of reasons you should go ahead and enter some mommy blog contests & giveaways!

Oh – and I’ll be having more of them on my site in days to come!

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