The Plans of Mice and Moms…

I should never make any declarations here about how I will have something posted by a specific date!  You’d think I would learn this – but I can be slow sometimes…

Nap Strikes continue.  Late nights and early morning wakings have been added.  Mommy’s lack of sleep – combined with two tired girls and and many looming deadlines have had a serious effect on me.


And not the good kind you get from eating ice cream too fast!

I have a serious paper due Sunday for my class – haven’t touched it.  I’ve had posts I need to write – A Woman Inspired Conference sessions to attend – a much needed Bible study that started Monday blogs I want to visit – people I want and need to be in touch with…

And two little girls who are either bored (or mad that mommy is on the computer) because we’ve had two separate incidents (on consecutive days) of discovering bottles of body wash or other goopy “treasure” which apparently NEED to be smeared all over the floor – or hair – or clothing…

You’d think I would be able to laugh and take pictures.  I would love to have the evidence to show in a massive screen slide show at someone’s Sweet Sixteen party or Wedding Reception – but in my current condition, picture taking has been the last thing on my mind…

Instead – I am trying to quit fighting the process and just go with the flow.  Which means FAR LESS time at the computer.  Even though I’m a speed reader and speed typist…

As deadlines loom – SOMEHOW the paper will get written and I will manage to get the necessary things done.  I’m powerblogging while they’re still asleep this morning but am going to spend time with my hubby before he goes into work.

So for this week – I’m going to color, blow bubbles, and have tickle fights.  My brain needs a break and I need to enjoy my Mommyness!

****    ****    ****    ****    ****

In the meantime, check out Your Essential Guide to Cool Summer Desserts! If you haven’t done so yet, check out my other posts there at Family Foodies, too!

Or Do YOU know what to do if your cell phone gets wet?

If you’re new to Twitter or wonder how to get started, my new bloggy friend Erin Harding wrote a great post at Moms In a Blog!

Check out Sarah Mae & Christin’s team blogging about Diciplining your children, too!  GOOD stuff there!

Until next time – Have a Blessed Day!

3 Responses to “The Plans of Mice and Moms…”

  1. slamdunk Says:

    The cell in the water link was helpful–always need preparation for our beach trip.

  2. Leah Says:


    Thanks for visiting me over at The Point and it was so nice to meet you at the Online Conference yesterday. Hasn’t the event been great? I have gotten so much great info.
    Unfortunately I’ll miss the conference today since I have to work but I will be sure to get the audios when I can.

    I just love the name of your blog. How unique and catchy!! Have a blessed day and I hope you get that paper done!!


  3. Erin Hill Says:

    Thanks, Debbie! I just saw this as it went to my Spam. Hate that…guess I need to start checking my spam more.

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