Dayzd and Confused

I canNOT keep my days of the week straight this week (or last week if you really must know).  I wake up every morning and think it is a totally different day than it really is.  Do you know how discombobulating this is?  The nap strikes and midnight bedroom invaders continue, so my sleep is definitely lacking.

Side note: I’ve always wanted to use some form of the word, “discombobulate” in my blog.  Now I can check that off my list.

It’s not like I’m keeping time with time, either?  Monday I woke up thinking it was Tuesday.  Tuesday I woke up feeling like it was Monday.  Today I woke up convinced it was Wednesday.  HELLO!  I look at a calendar almost every day and I still can’t keep things straight.

It’s not from a lack of coffee (thankfully!), but I do believe it’s the result of a brain trying to process too much information at once.

Thankfully, God is breathing some rest on me…

I was able to have some time last night to read more in my devotional study, Me Myself and Lies, and really start digging into my Thought closet, as it were.  I will share more of this in days to come, as I work through the devotional and with my online study group.  It is already very revealing – are my thoughts like God’s?  Do I align my thinking with Him?  What does God think of me?  These are all questions I’m already asking and considering…

I am currently at my local Christian bookstore with WIFI and am getting a start on my paper.  This is not any ordinary paper – but is actually a presentation of the Gospel as given to someone who does not call upon the name of the Lord as Savior and God.  Not only that, but I am to specifically address a particular religion, cult, or sect and meet their questions or beliefs with Scripture.  At this point, I’m still trying to determine which group to address…  Of course that’s the problem – because the paper is due Sunday at midnight. =)

As I’ve been typing, it’s like my brain has realigned itself and I am starting to get some clear focus.  Thank you, Lord.

BY THE WAY – I’ve been so remiss not to make this grand announcement already!  I’ll blame it on my brain freeze mentioned previously…

If you enjoy cooking & recipes, and you’ve been following me over at Family Foodies – you should add MY MOM’S NEW BLOG – The Better Baker – to your list of things to read!!!  It took some convincing to get her started, but she’s got a few posts up and several more scheduled to come.  The only difficulty we’re having is that she’s not a techy person and I live more than 3 hours away – so we’re working to get some details up on her blog long distance – like subscription service, etc…  For now, please bookmark her and visit her blog – leave her some comments & feedback – and check her out!  She’s writing these posts between her ever growing schedule of newspaper articles & columns, speaking engagements, and trying to learn the world of WordPress…  Go Mom!

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