Muffin Monday

One of the multitude of benefits of my blogging internship is the extreme exposure to foodie blogs.  I’ve found some pretty great cooks, bakers & bloggers – and now I’m a loyal follower of many of them.

I’ve tried several new recipes (and have more to try), but I have to say my favorite is the Yummy Donut Muffins recipe I wrote about on Family Foodies.  Adding sour cream to the original recipe really made a big difference in the flavor and texture of the baked product.  The muffin recipe alone is very moist and has a texture very much like a muffin/donut combo.  It takes so good and so fresh – and that’s what continues to inspire me to try variations.

I’ve made them several times and each time I tweak them a bit for a twist.  It’s nice to try some different flavors, and I’m anxious to try more.

This weekend I mashed 1 banana and added it to the wet ingredients before adding the dry.  Just one banana gave them a really great flavor and some added nutrition.

This morning I added 3 Tbsp of peanut butter and then added a dollop of grape jelly before baking.  The peanut butter flavor is mild (I’d probably add at least 1 more Tbsp) but the girls loved it for breakfast.  Think about the variations you could make with creamy or crunchy peanut butter – and the jams/jellies are endless.

My next thought was to add some strong coffee (to replace a bit of the milk) and mini chocolate chips…

Other ideas I’ve had:

banana & walnuts

cinnamon chips & cinnamon-sugar topping

strawberry jam filling with powdered sugar topping

cocoa powder (in place of some flour) and cinnamon-sugar topping

Can you make any suggestions???

This is one of those very basic recipes that really has an endless number of variations and possibilities!

The one ingredient I would recommend you not substitute for in this recipe is the shortening.  While I’ve always used coconut oil and produced a great muffin, today I was scraping the bottom of my jar and had to use some margarine.  The end product tasted fine, but the muffins were just, well – muffins.  The end result was very different and the shortening seems to be the key to producing the donut-like texture!

Feel free to comment with your suggestions or ideas about variations to this recipe!

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