National Iced Tea Month!

Okay, yes, “national” month themes are overdone – but this is one I personally enjoy so I’m going to write about it. =)

Growing up – and I’ve mentioned this before – we almost always had iced tea in our refrigerator.  Sometimes Kool-aid – RARELY any pop or soda of any kind.  We drank water, tea, or milk.  And because milk was expensive, we often resorted to tea.  We had patchens of spearmint growing in several of the places we lived, so we would add some freshly crushed mint and sugar to our tea. (And then came artificial sweetener, which we started using.  Now our sweetener of choice is Splenda.)

I got an email from Splenda today with some really interesting Iced tea recipes – if you’re a fan of iced tea, I invite you to check them out!  Here is one for Boston Iced Tea.  Here is another for Lemonade Tea (yum!)   Oh – and there’s always Russian Tea.

What a PERFECT time to try one of Teaporia’s 100+ tea blends!

Whether you prefer herbal or green, black or white – Teaporia has so many teas to choose from, why not try several?

Start with a Sample Bag Special (25 samples for $10!) or settle on one or two different flavors in 1, 2, 4, or 8 ounce packages!  With flavors like Blackberry Leaves or Raspberry Leaves (herbal) – Apricot, Ginger Peach, Morning Sunshine, or Raspberry Honey (black).  There are white teas, green teas, chai teas, and children’s teas – so you’ve got plenty of room to try something new!

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And while you’re sipping your favorite new blend, please visit my “Talk to Me” post and leave me some feedback!  I appreciate the comments from those of you who left them and look forward to more!!!


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