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Although I have been quiet about it of late, the burden of Human Trafficking has not left my heart or mind.  Being the mother of small children, I am aware of the ever present dangers in the world around us – even in our little town.

The horrors of human trafficking, as I quickly discovered, are unspeakable.  But silence in this knowledge is intolerable.

The information I discovered – via Natalie Grant’s CD Relentless, a publication from Roy’s seminary, and more – continued to pour over me and I could not be quiet.  So I started writing here on my little blog.

But that wasn’t enough.

As God has moved and opened doors for me to write more and participate in ministry at my church, He has thrown wide open the doors of ministry where human trafficking is concerned.  It is only since I became a member of the church’s women’s ministry team (as the women’s ministry newsletter editor, and future bloggy type person) that I became aware of the burden God put into the hearts of the Team Members for human trafficking.

All this time, God has been guiding them and they have been preparing for an event in August which will feature the National Awareness Director for Shared Hope – Nancy Winston.  Nancy will be speaking in several venues during her visit here, including an opportunity to speak to members of our church about human trafficking, and what we as the Body of Christ can do to help.

At the same time, one of Roy’s coworkers who provided materials at a recent seminar on human trafficking for Roy’s department, is working with Rescue & Restore.  While we do not have any immediately local facilities or services available, the closest R&R office is providing much information and training to him.

As I see God moving in these ways, I won’t be surprised at what He does in our community. For there is trafficking in our community.

And while we must do all we can to Rescue & Restore the victims of unspeakable horror – we must also pray.  For the freedom and healing of the victims of enforced labor and sexual slavery.  And for their captors.

For more information visit Shared Hope and Rescue & Restore.  Statistics are there.  Stories are there.But the people involved are not just statistics or stories.

They are people.  And they are real.

And they need our help.

What is Trafficking?

Here are Six Ways to Take Action!

Fact Sheets for Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, and Labor Trafficking.

Here is information about Victims Assistance.

Soon – I will be interviewing Jason Weis, from Stop Child Trafficking Now, so watch for that interview here.  Don’t forget to visit my Human Trafficking page for even more information and resources.

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