I Love America!

I grew up in a home where Faith and Patriotism ranked high.  If you’ve read this blog for long, that’s probably something you’ve read about.  The Bible and the United States Flag – while not on equal terms – are to be held in high esteem and with the utmost respect.

The Bible holds the story of the Savior of the World – who died on a cross to bridge the gap between fallen humanity and the Perfect Jehovah Creator. It is is what makes Scripture precious.  It is not just a story book of fables designed to entertain and teach moral lessons.  It is the story of generations of imperfect humanity.  Humanity that God has relentlessly pursued without fail – all for the sake of creating a walking, intimate, individual relationship with each person who has ever or will ever live.

While our nation is far from perfect, the foundations on which our country was formed have stood the test of time. They have been mistreated, slandered, and even forsaken.  But they are what they are and they have yet to fail us.

Our forefathers were far from perfect.  Just like the ancient men in Scripture who were not perfect – the founders of our nation were sinners, too.  But they fought and built on this continent a great land.  Men & women – holding freedom above their own safety and comfort – bled and died to preserve freedom and prosperity for all American citizens.  And for others who begged for our help to bring freedom to their land.

Whatever your opinion of America is, understand this:  There has never been and there will never be another United States of America.

While we seek to introduce the principles of democracy in far away lands, and while other nations of the world both envy and despise our freedom, we must appreciate the those who have gone before us and be willing to stand in the face of criticism and pure evil, to uphold the honor and willing sacrifice they made for freedom.

We cannot forget:  Freedom is Never Free!

Iwo Jima

photo credit: BL1961


2 Responses to “I Love America!”

  1. slamdunk Says:

    Well said–we have much to be thankful for in this great nation.

  2. mrsbaker11 Says:

    AMEN!! You expressed the thoughts of my heart so well! Thanks for sharing this – it’s beautiful! We certainly DO have much to be thankful for as Americans!

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