Seven Easy Tips: How to Get Your Daughter to Say No Ebook

alyssa09I enjoy Alyssa Avant’s writing and follow her blog, Beauty By Design.  She is a really sweet, Southern Christian lady and I enjoy the opportunity to share her with you.  Alyssa Avant is a Christian writer, speaker, and business owner whose mission is to turn the hearts of girls towards God. She combines her experience in the modeling industry and as youth and children’s director to reach out to girls pressured and confused by the messages of style, fashion, and beauty.

I asked Alyssa some questions about her e-book, 7 Easy Tips: How to Get Your Daughter to Say No, and this is what she had to say:

Q: Alyssa, what prompted you to write this book?

A: I inquired with my readers, subscribers on topics that they struggle with with their teen / tween girls and this was one of the topics suggested.

2. How do you make this practical in a society that says, for example, abstinence is impossible?

This book isn’t actually necessarily about abstinence. However, regarding abstinence the best way to encourage it and to ensure it is with a positive self-esteem and healthy relationships, beginning with their relationship with Jesus Christ and also healthy relationships with mom and dad as well as friends and boyfriends/ girlfriends.

3. What is a mom’s role in the process of teaching daughters to say, “No”?

One of the biggest roles that mom plays is that of setting an example for your daughter. Saying no is something we all need to learn to do in one area of life or another.

4. How do you encourage the kind of relationship between moms & daughters that strengthens these critical moments and teachings?

The mother daughter relationship is so important. As mothers we must start early to begin to foster this relationship and we must do all that we can to stay connected to our daughters throughout life. It truly is up to us. We have to be the adult, we have to be a mom, many times when we want to be a “friend” gaining the respect from your daughter that you need in order to truly be able to “teach” her and bond with her.

5. Being a mom who didn’t say No and faced a lot of consequences for my decisions, how do I help my daughters make better choices?

The beauty of it is, we all make mistakes, no sin is greater than another. Help your daughter to see that sin is sin and that the good news is God forgives. Help use it as an opportunity to teach her about God’s forgiveness, but also the commitment that one can make early on to help to ensure they will not make a mistake that they do not want to in their future.

To purchase Alyssa’s ebook click below:
Say No Ebook


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  1. zdenny Says:

    I appreciate your work! Keep it up. Christian wisdom is needed…

    Great blog!

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  2. TheQueenMommy Says:

    Isn’t Alyssa just awesome!?! She is one of my VERY favorite authors and I have enjoyed getting to know her through blogging. I’m always excited to get to share her here on my blog.

    Thanks for the compliment. And I’m visiting your blog next! =)

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