The Simple Woman’s Daybook: Monday, July 6, 2009


Outside my window… a small flurry of birds scampers through our “cottage-style” garden looking for seeds and tweeting their morning greetings.

I am thinking… about how big my mouth is and how I should just tattoo “I’m Sorry I Said That” on my tongue!

I am thankful for… my hot cup of coffee.  And blogs Like A Warm Cup of Coffee.

From the kitchen… dishes to do.  Grocery list to complete.  Coupons to organize.

I am wearing… the Tshirt I slept in.

I am creating… my schedule for the week.

I am going… to focus on one thing at a time today!

I am reading… my psychology textbook and Me, Myself & Lies by Jennifer Rothschild.

I am hoping… my overworked, stressed-out, studying-for-his-licensure-exam husband will forgive me and my big mouth.

I am hearing… silence.  That’s new!

Around the house… I am getting caught up on laundry and straightening the living room!

One of my favorite things… is when Georgie climbs into my lap and says “alewyew” (I Love You).

A few plans for the rest of the week: Get out of the house.  Get laundry caught up.  Get the girls’ clothes organized.  Take 4-5 20 minute walks.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…


Isn’t this little stinker cute?  We were on a drive on Father’s Day and Roy spotted this baby in someone’s yard.  We later saw the mama and another baby.  Since then, we’ve also spotted skunks IN. OUR. YARD.  Roy is thrilled.  He thinks one was a baby and one was an adult. So far, I have only seen one scampering away…  Still – as babies they are very cute…


2 Responses to “The Simple Woman’s Daybook: Monday, July 6, 2009”

  1. mrsbaker11 Says:

    Cute all right – as long as they keep their distance! Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts today….cewl! =)

  2. slamdunk Says:

    Nice photo–we have a fence to keep the cute stinkers out, but if we go out at night in the summer, they are scampering all over the neighbors yards.

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