What I Think About My Blog Internship

First, let me just say here and now – I personally LOVE my Simple Womans Daybook entries. Even if nobody reads them. It’s like beautifully journaling and it soothes me. And some days it runs head on with REAL LIFE. It’s mommy time – something for me. And I find myself looking at it again this morning comparing it to how the day actually turned out. We all survived (LOL) but oh how I love the quiet moments of reflection…

On with the show…

moms-talk-networkI’ve just ended my 10 week blog internship with Kelly McCausey at Moms Talk Network. I’d seen Kelly’s name around on the internet in a variety of ways, and I’d downloaded a couple of her free ebooks.  I’d gotten the impression that she was the kind of gal who KNEW her stuff about the internet.  I signed up for her affiliate programs, but never really did anything with them, cuz I was still trying to figure affiliate programs out.

One day, while browsing blogs, I saw a post about having the “last chance” to apply for a 10 week blogging internship with Kelly. And I thought – Heh, what the heck? Why not? Summer’s coming, my summer classes should be simple, maybe the girls can go to Mamaw’s a few days a week – that is, if I’m lucky enough to get chosen. In the meantime, I was gearing up for 2 summer courses, and the unexpected blessing of winning a ticket to attend “A Woman Inspired” conference online!Thinking my chances were pretty slim since I was sliding in an application at the last second, I was shocked to get a call to interview with Kelly. She was softspoken and really sweet – and I chatted with her for about half an hour. Then she offered me the opportunity to blog at Family Foodies.


I jumped on it – and despite some really interesting and unexpected life and scheduling challenges – I survived!

WHY bother with a blog internship, you ask?  What are the benefits?

1. Blog tutoring with an Expert. Oh sure, my little blog here is fun and I enjoy writing my little journal entries and having friends visit or new friends leave comments.  It is something I really enjoy and want to continue as long as I’m able.  But I also want something more.  I don’t just want to focus entirely on me – or my family.  God is laying some things on my heart that I feel a need to pursue – some ministry opportunities, and I want this blog to be transformed in the way I’ve been for the past year or so.  Having some technical instruction to that end was a good idea.

2.  Training with someone who has Excelled in Business Online. Targeting women, especially moms, Kelly appeals to my very blogging nature.  She – along with a few partners – has really found a way to present useful, practical information to anyone really who wants to be able to support their family through blogging or websites.  Not just selling products – but really being passionate about yourself and putting your voice and passion into something you can believe in, that will also help you reach their financial goals.  Whether you want to sell products that you or someone else made – or decide to start business for yourself – Kelly has a lot of sound advice and tools to help you succeed.

3. Technical critiquing by an objective Role Model. Kelly has a Choleric temperament – and I for one, am willing to trust her straight forward, shoot-from-the-hip approach when it comes to critiquing my blogging.  She will tell you if you aren’t hitting the mark. She’s not a grammar teacher – she just knows what kind of writing is or isn’t well received.  She will also encourage you to be better than you think you are.  That was my favorite end result.

4. Tools to help you Succeed. During my internship, Kelly hooked me up with some really great tools.  Whether its  products Kelly has created, or products from other internet gurus – they are top notch and offer so much.  From basic blogging how-tos and learning how to monetize a blog, to focusing on content, identifyingyour niche (target audience), and more.  Because I experienced the internship first hand, I could see which tools would work for me.

Truthfully, my attitude about blogging has changed.  My writing will always come from my heart cuz I don’t know how to write any other way.  Writing is second nature for me and I can’t just fake my way through it.

But my purpose and focus have decidedly shifted through this process, and my self-perception has changed, too.

Tangibly – I’ve received resources and materials that I am already applying.  I’ve had the opportunity to access other experts in other fields about “how” to be a successful and profitable Mommy Blogger.  My lifetime membership to Mom Masterminds is a huge bonus! Talk about a tool & resource!  This is a group of women who are and who are building and have started building a successful income from home!

As much as I desire to help my family financially, any gain from any of my writing during my lifetime rests in the hands of my Father God.  I just need to step up and write what He lays on my heart!

The great thing is – out of her internships, Kelly created an actual Blog Internship program that anyone can sign up for and be a part of.  There are 3 membership levels, and depending on your particular goals, any of them could really help you hone your blogging skills and perfect your blog and business goals.  I highly recommend this Blog Internship to anyone who wants to build a business online, using blogging as a tool!  For more information, click here:

Blog Internship

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  1. Danielle Says:

    Kelly has been great hasn’t she! We have had a lot of fun and been quite blessed to be apart of this internship!

  2. Jendi Says:

    I, too, am so-o happy I applied and was accepted. It’s been just as great as I expected!

  3. Alyssa Says:


    Dear Sweet friend of mine, it is amazing how GOD Works and it is so amazing how much you and i have in common. I’m trying to figure out where you are from at the moment, but I found yet ANOTHER thing we have in common. I too am attending Liberty University online. I am getting my Master’s Degree in Christian education. And, guess what else.? I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology though not from Liberty. Too funny huh?

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