Prayer And Business: Ideal Partners

Alyssa Avant, of Beauty By Design Ministries, has been a guest blogger here on occasion.  She and I have had several opportunities to connect through a variety of social networks like Twitter, A Woman Inspired Conference, and other places.  I always enjoy my conversations with her, and we are developing a really sweet online friendship.

We are now venturing into talks about a partnership for a website and ministry working together.  She shared this post earlier this week – Prayer & Business, They Go Hand in Hand.  It’s very exciting and we are praying over it daily.  More on these developments later!

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On another fun note, I posted a great recipe at Cuppa Love for Teapot Cookies.  Now, they’re not really made out of teapots!  They are just YUMMY cookies cut into cute teapot shapes.  If you love shortbread cookies, try this recipe out – they are buttery and not too sweet.  Perfect for your next cup of tea!

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Speaking of tea, I’ve been trying some new flavors from Mt Olive Treasures.  Their website is under construction – but I selected this tea because it was formulated (in Israel) using olive leaves, pomegranate leaves and hyssop in every blend.  Their website is under construction, but here’s their Facebook Fan page!  I’m out of my Teaporia teas, and found this collection to tide me over until I place my next order.


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  1. slamdunk Says:

    Best wishes with the new partnership potential–that must be exciting.

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