Coffee Company Girl – July 24, 2009 – Treating Animal Bites 101

My need for coffee today is profound.  Having had NONE yesterday because LIFE HAPPENED so quickly, I’m taking my time and enjoying it today.

Do you know what to do if you, or someone close to you, gets an animal bite?  I had a crash course in Treating Animal Bites 101 yesterday after our cat Sammy bit Georgie.  Around her right ear ~ two marks on her cheek, two marks behind/below her ear.  Couldn’t bear to take a picture so you’ll have to just imagine it.  Needless to say here’s what to do in case you or someone close to you gets bit:

  • Don’t panic. I can say that I failed this area. Normally, I’m the level-headed one but when I saw the bite marks I immediately began to worry about infection and damage to her face, knowing puncture wounds are NOT GOOD. My Sister in law came over and helped me get a grip while she checked Georgie out.
  • Wash the wound with soap and water.  It’s a little difficult to manage a thorough cleaning with puncture wounds, but it’s a good start.
  • Apply pressure to stop bleeding, if necessary.
  • Seek medical treatment. With bites – and especially for cat bites which leave puncture wounds – chance of infection ranks pretty high, so medical treatment may be required.  For family pets, especially indoor pets, the concern for infection may be less but not eliminated.  If the bite came from a strange animal, consider calling Animal Control, too!
  • Monitor for Infection. Georgie is taking oral antibiotics, and we’re washing the wound with betadine.  She gets Motrin for discomfort as needed, and has a followup with the physician Saturday.  Redness, puffiness or swelling, and red streaks around the wounds are signs that infection is setting in and further treatment with antibiotics (aka – a SHOT) may be needed.

The truth is, Georgie is an animal lover and she won’t leave Sammy alone – even if he’s growling and meowing ferociously at a cat outside our front door…  That’s how it happened.  Sammy was being a cat; Georgie was being an animal lover.

And by animal lover I mean – she’s the kind of kid who pushes bigger kids out of the way to pet animals and get close to them.  Like the little girl at the county fair last weekend who was trying to feed her LARGE gray rabbit and clean out its cage.  Georgie just pushed right past her and practically CLIMBED into the cage to get to the rabbit…

Both cat and animal lover are recuperating.  Not even wary of each other.  In fact, they took a nap together yesterday afternoon…

Mommy, on the other hand, is still recovering from the scare, and taking sips of coffee and thanking God for bringing us through it.


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  1. Rachel Anne Says:

    We’ve had experience with cat bites…you’re right, they ARE punctures! I’m glad they are recuperating, and it sounds like you could use some R&R!! Have a great weekend.

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