What to do about evil…

Why does evil exist?

credit: pratanti

credit: pratanti

Have you ever asked yourself that question?  Has that question ever haunted you?  Have you ever awakened from your sleep in the middle of the night to wrestle with that question?

As I began digging into more information about human trafficking – and started learning how many CHILDREN are bought and sold for sex daily, that question began to haunt me.  It is really difficult to understand why a loving God would allow such evil, such horror, such atrocity to continue.

But why does God get blamed for evil?

Sure – He’s the Creator of the Universe, the all-powerful, all-knowing, all-wise God.  And didn’t He create the perfect man and woman in a perfect world?  And didn’t they – despite all the good and perfect choices they had available to them – choose the one evil that God warned them not to?  And don’t we all have a choice to make today?

It comes down to Free Will, like it or not.

While that doesn’t explain WHY evil exists, without evil, Free Will would not exist.  No evil: No good.  No good: No evil.  Evil is evil when held in comparison to what is good.

Philosophers and Theologists will debate this topic until God himself reveals the answer.

But I don’t have time to debate WHY evil exists.  I just know it does.  And I also know that God has given me the desire – a burning passion – to shed light on a very ugly, very devastating EVIL that exists in the world.  An evil that I can do something about.

Human Trafficking.

Statistics still shock me.  Stories still shock me.  Like this article from the Columbus Dispatch on June 28, 2009.  Or this followup article on June 29 which was almost too difficult to comprehend, let alone read.  A child from Georgia – sold by her own father – and subjected to evil at the hands of others.

Maybe God is just waiting for men and women to act on evil.  To take a stand against evil.  To set the captives free and bring healing to victims of sex and human trafficking.  Maybe God wants US to take our place in the physical fight while He is always battling the spiritual darkness.  We can join in and support the spiritual battle with prayer;  We can join and fight against the physical battle in our hometown and state, too!

Maybe He is just waiting for us to say “NO MORE!”  “We will NOT stand for this atrocity to continue!  We will not allow children to be victimized repeatedly on a daily basis for the profit of others.  We will not stand idly by while they are forced to bear the evil that stems from another human’s depraved desire.  We will no longer close our eyes and pretend it isn’t happening because it’s too hard to think about or too difficult to comprehend.  We will be strong and brave and stand in the gap for the young, the defenseless, the helpless – and we will not give up until human trafficking is history.”

We can’t afford to waste any more time denying this evil exists.  We cannot waste any more time blaming God for the evil that exists.  Evil will go unchecked until we stand up and fight against it.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.  ~Edmund Burke

To learn how you can help fight the evil of Human and Sex Trafficking, visit my Travesty ~ Human Trafficking Info page.  Pray about what YOU can do.  Join a national or local organization already in the fight.  More and more people are finding ways to fight it in their own community.

Darkness cannot exist in the light.  We have to shine a light – and BE a light to chase the darkness away.

What will you do?


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