Princess Tea Party 101

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If you are the mother, grandmother, aunt, big sister, father, favorite babysitter, etc., of one or more special “Princesses” hosting a Princess Tea Party can be a breeze!  Not only can it be a fun way to practice etiquette and celebrate accomplishments, it also provides a perfect setting for spending quality time with your favorite girl(s).  Boys can be included if they’re willing to put up with a bit of girly behavior and participate in the decorum of the party…

You don’t have to be an expert in hospitality, a connoisseur of teas, or even a collector of the finest china.  All you really need is a love for your girls and an enjoyment of tea and special time together.

Practically speaking, here’s what you need:

  • Tea. Seems obvious right?  But if you’re hosting for children who may or may not have a taste for tea, try using a great tasting fruity-flavored tea.  It can be loose-tea or in tea bags, as long as it tastes yummy.  Berry or Bubblegum tea can be very appealing to little girls – the tea often brews up with a rosy or pink hue, adding to the Princess theme. (Teaporia’s Very Berry or CherryBana tea is 25% off during the month of August!  My princesses prefer Bubblegum tea and the Queen Mommy thinks it’s pretty tasty, too!)  Don’t forget to have honey, sweetener, sugar or even fruit juice on hand to sweeten the tea.  A little milk can be appealing for a princess’ palate, too.
  • Teapot.  When you are hosting for princesses, it is not necessary to use your most priceless teapot.  Use what you have inherited from a loved one and explain why the teapot has meaning for you. Or use what you can find at a flea market or garage sale and create new stories every time you use it. It can be elegant, kitschy, or simple. For a really fun experience, use a glass teapot and flowering tea – watch the tea flower unfurl as it brews and inspire great conversation! Use freshly filtered boiled water for best results in brewing.  (Hint: At our most recent Princess Tea Party, my mom microwaved the water in large glass measuring cups and brewed and sweetened the tea before adding it to the teapot.  This allowed enough time for the water to cool awhile, but you can add ice cubes to lower the temperature to a safe drinking temp at this point…)
  • Teacups.  This is where it can get fun: you don’t have to use matching teacups to make it special!  You can use a children’s tea set, or you can use a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to appeal to any princess.  Consider purchasing a special teacup and saucer for your princess as birthday or Christmas presents and allow them to use it when you take tea.  We have used our Disney Princess teacups and saucers, and we have used pretty little mugs I’ve been given or collected over the years.  My mom has a couple of children’s tea sets with perfectly proportioned teacups & saucers for my little princesses!
  • Treats. Whether you are an expert baker or prefer to use something store-bought, it’s easy to offer

    tempting treats fit for a princess.  Butter cookies, frosted cookies, even chocolate chip cookies seem more special when served with tea.  Make mini muffins or scones, or serve PB&J finger sandwiches and fresh fruit (without the crusts of course) for a more substantial tea.  Whatever you use, keep it simple and tasty.  Keeping things bite-sized or finger-sized, cut into special shapes or with crusts removed doesn’t take much time and adds something special to the whole experience.
  • Accessories.  Whether you want to go all out and play Dress-Up with feather boas, high heels, pearl necklaces and hats – or whether you just use colored paper plates and napkins – the accessories can play up the festive atmosphere and provide some ambience (inexpensively).  Use pink paper plates and flowery napkins or use china and linen tablecloth and napkins reserved exclusively for Princess tea parties.  Whatever your style – whatever your means – the accessories only add to the experience.  Make sure you have enough plates, napkins and silverware (if necessary) for each member of your tea party.  Keep paper towels handy for spills and use a drip catcher on your teapots.
  • Attitude.  Your attitude during preparation, serving, and participation in the tea may have a surprising effect on your little princess!  If you take your time, are careful in your preparation and use of your teapot and teacup, there’s a good chance your princess will follow your lead.  It is surprising what a 2 year old can manage with a porcelain teacup and saucer!
  • TIME.  What a perfect opportunity to stop and enjoy time and conversation with your princess.  Maybe she wants to talk about how good the cookies are.  Maybe she wants to be silly and laugh.  Maybe she has something on her heart that she’s been longing to tell you and life has just been too busy.  A Princess Tea Party won’t stop the hands of time, but it can offer a few precious moments and the perfect opportunity to slow down and enjoy one another’s company.

Hostessing a tea party does not have to be a hassle and can become a relatively simple tradition to keep. The great thing is – a tea party doesn’t have to be expensive and just takes a little planning and preparation on your part.

Technically, you don’t have to even serve tea – but I highly recommend it! While flavor and decorum is important, it is not as important as the connection you make with your girl! She may never remember the tea she had or the cookies she ate, but she is likely to remember the time you spent together and the things you talked about.

I hope you have been inspired to consider hostessing your own Princess Tea Party.  I would love to hear what you think! Please share your experiences with your own tea parties, make recommendations or add your comments below!


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