Roy is THE MAN!



So, my sweet hubby Roy has been doing some studying lately.  It was time for him to take his independent licensure exam as a Clinical Counselor. He has been a professional clinical counselor, but he was up for his independent licensure.

For about SIX months he’s been reviewing the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) to prepare for this exam.  For about the past two months he has been getting up at 4 a.m. every morning – with very few exceptions – to study a large stack of books full of clinical diagnoses, descriptions of varying mental health conditions, disorders, and treatment plans.  He took practice tests and spent MUCH time reviewing.  And he was concerned he didn’t get it all covered.

We have been praying every night together as a family – and we’ve always included him in our prayers.

So on Monday he took his test, and of COURSE he aced it with flying colors!

We are SO proud of him and his hard work – and for God’s grace and peace on Monday so he could recall what he had studied.



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  1. HisFireFly Says:

    Yippeee! Way to go, proves once againthat hard work pays off.

    My husband is busy studying for his final exam in a 240 hour short course in Livestock Production from Royal Vet College in London, to better enable him to help and teach about sustainable agriculture on the mission field.

    He studies, I pray!

  2. danielle71376 Says:

    Yeah!! That is what happens when you combine hard work with prayer!! Great job Roy!

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