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Since I didn’t do my usual Coffee Girl post yesterday, I had to share what Rachelanne is doing at Home Sanctuary for August – Home Sanctuary is a blog that just offers daily motivation to tackle things in small pieces to make your home a sanctuary.  If you participate in her challenges, and keep track of your scores, you can submit your points to win these great August prizes!  No pressure – no real contest – just a chance to take your days ONE at a time.

Wanna try a new recipe?  How about these Raspberry Cream Cheese muffins from Macaroni and Cheesecake?

Here is a sweet post from Mrs. Fussypants about Crawdads, Katydids and Family.  I love good family stuff!

If you have any desire to learn about Internet Marketing, maybe you should read about this 30 Day Challenge listed by Work At Home Mom Hacks – it’s not too late if you check it out now!!!   If you aren’t sure, just check out 7 Reasons to do the 30 Day Challenge.

Oh – and here’s some GREAT news!  Kelly McCausey is taking applications for her next round of Blogging Internship with Moms Talk Network.  This is her free program – the same program I experienced and LOVED to pieces.  This is especially great for newer bloggers who want to learn from an expert – or for someone who wants to learn more about being a profitable mommy blogger!  If you want to improve your blogging skills – I can’t recommend a better program or person to work with.

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On a personal note: Let me just say that this past week has been a really difficult one for a variety of reasons. No one’s sick or dying – but it seemed like so many parts of the week were challenging and difficult.

We’ve had some fantastic moments (Congratulations again, Roy!) and then I’ve had some struggles – time crunch factors, I’ve had a major paper to write for this psych class that I’m really struggling in (and I’m so not happy about that), a major church event upcoming and just a lot of things on my plate.  I have not handled it all with grace or dignity.  I was up one morning wide awake at 1:30 and did some writing – but it’s been rough.  When I lose sleep – well, let’s just say BEING KIND is not easily accomplished!

And then, I was reminded for the third time this week (hmmm, maybe God is telling me something?) that STARTING my day with prayer and asking for God’s guidance has a MAJOR effect on the success of my day!  So even on the day I lost significant amounts of sleep, because I started it with prayer first (coffee later) and simply fell on God all day long!  Yep – I’m weak – I need God.  And I can’t do much without Him. And thankfully He is ALWAYS there at my side just waiting for me to ask for His help and guidance…

So then again – I had some really terrific moments…  Know what I mean?


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  1. Ruth Says:

    I hear ya, dear Debbie. One of those nights last night for me. “Once a mom, always a mom” (my baby’s 22). God is amazing, though, when I am weak (physically, emotionally, spiritually) He is my strength, literally. Blessings to your family.

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