Time for Some Changes. And Coffee Girls!

What a week this has been!  A lot of emotional stuff after a terrific Shared Hope International event, my Psych class coming to an end (WOOHOO!), and just lots of wife-and-mommy stuff going on.

You may start noticing some changes here in The Cafe.  Maybe you’ve noticed some already. Pictures of my family are being removed from this blog. Previous (old) posts in my archives are going to become inaccessible and when my new blog is revealed, only posts from 2009 will be available…

I always asked myself why anybody would want to “steal” pictures from anyone’s blog, let alone do anything evil with them, and I just tried to be careful about posting details and information that could compromise our safety.  Unfortunately, I learned what CAN be done with stolen pictures, and I’m going to eliminate that possibility now…  Until I figure out a safe way to post pictures so they can’t be donwloaded, there won’t be anymore appearing here.  But I think this post at Multiples…. and More! shows me the way!

While it will not be my primary content, more content about how to fight child sex trafficking will be provided here – and other places – with more statistics, opportunities to support and work with organizations already on the battlefront, and information about how YOU can do something in YOUR community to tackle this unfathomable evil.

I have to be really honest: I’m not sure why God has laid this on my heart because it is a heavy burden and one that weighs me down physically in some respects.  After one day of hosting an amazing Shared Hope International at church, I was entirely drained the next. You cannot imagine the stories of survival.  I keep thinking I’ve heard the worst until I hear the next story. It is a cause that God is impressing upon me continually.

I’m also making a small change in my online college program – and adding a specialization in Christian Counseling to my BS in Psychology.  I’m excited about that.  It wasn’t an option available when I started the program a couple of years ago, and making the change even at this point does not require more than 2 additional courses, which means my degree should still be completed (as the Lord allows) in 2011.  YAY!  And having the additional courses geared toward Christian counseling is something I wanted to pursue but really only saw as an option with a Master’s Degree…

I also really feel like God is moving my writing into a ministry – not just a personal journal to commiserate motherhood and all it’s poopy exciting adventures!

cottage homeWith the start of school for Curly, I’ll be starting some serious home renovation projects.  I’ve been inspired by Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary to make some changes at home – and by Catharine from the Designed for Decor group at Christian Twitters (where I’ve already posted pictures of my kitchen as-is!)

I’ll be painting my kitchen and making some major changes there.  Roy has given me the green light – and now I just have to select my colors!  I’ll be sharing some of these changes here – From beginning to end.  God has really been speaking to me about making this house we live in a HOME for us.  It’s been an area I’ve wrestled God for almost 6 years.

He wins.

Whether we live here for 2 more months or 20 years.  This is a blessing God has given us and I’m going to follow His lead to make it HOME for us.  The kitchen project is only the beginning…

5 Responses to “Time for Some Changes. And Coffee Girls!”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Good luck on the kitchen project… I’m sure it will turn out beautifully!

  2. Rachel Anne Says:

    It sounds to me like God is leading your writing ministry into a new direction. The area of sex trafficking is difficult to deal with and I know there will be hard moments, but I think that it’s a message that should be talked about by compassionate people.

    I hope you will show pictures of your kitchen progress! I like the idea of picking one room and working on it, rather than bits and pieces here and there. I think I’d like to pick my laundry area…what a travesty that is. 😦

  3. joyceandnorm Says:

    I’m glad you’re able to add the Christian Counseling as an option and only with 2 extra classes! Can’t wait to hear more from you and what He is saying to you.

  4. Kara Says:

    Lots going on for you! Sounds like God is leading you in a definite direction with your schooling and ministry work! I worry about the safety of posting pics, etc. as well. I’m new to blogging, so I’m still figuring out how to handle all that. Thanks for the link on blog safety. Can’t wait to see pics of your kitchen redo! The subject of our calling to make our house into a home sanctuary for our family is a passion of mine.

  5. Samantha Says:

    I am praying for you’r nephew. Good for you to pursue something you’ve always wanted to do. I start school online September 1st to persue teaching. I want to teach kindergarten.

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