Finding Christian Connection Online

Do you find Christian connection online?  Do you fellowship with other Christians online?  It isn’t hard, but in this world where some connections can be dangerous or ungodly, it’s nice to find connection that is uplifing, encouraging and inspiring.  The kind of connection that builds your faith in God as you fellowship with others.

If you think about it, the opportunity for Christian fellowship online is remarkable.  Christian fellowship in the Apostle Paul’s time took a considerable length of time.  Letters written, sealed, and then sent via messengers – journeys that lasted for days, weeks, months.

Can you imagine?

The opportunity we have as Christians to fellowship online is great and can be part of our Christian journey.  It does not replace our walk with Christ or fellowship with local believers – but it can certainly add richness to our journey…

Creating one comprehensive list of sites to visit is not my goal.  However, if you are looking for websites that provide Christian encouragement for daily living or inspiration in your faith maybe one or two of these sites have something to offer you!


These sites are typically Christian blogs with corresponding Christian communities.  Christian Stay At Home Moms and the CSAHM communityMoms of Faith and the MOF communityWives of Faith. Christian Twitters community. Women by Grace. Laced with Grace. Christian Work At Home Moms. Tabitha’s TeamInternet CafeA Virtuous Woman. A Woman Inspiredwhich offers online conferences on a wide variety of topics.  And this great newly launched site (in)Courage.

These sites offer fellowship with Christian women, godly advice and guidance, and great conversations when you take the time to invest in them.


Despite not knowing any of these authors personally,  a daily visit to these sites can feel like meeting friends for coffee or an afternoon tea party.   Like a Warm Cup of CoffeeLife from My Laptop. Home SanctuaryJourney to a Gracious WomanGiving Up on Perfect. Thirsty for HimPraise and CoffeeAmy Bayliss. 5 Minutes for Faith.

I know I keep saying this, but I’m moving closer to my new Cafe location online – so stay tuned for a new website reveal coming your way!


Then there are the recipe blogs which inspire creativity in the kitchen!  A few of these blogs are written by Christian authors, and they offer food for the body and soul!  A Year from Oak Cottage and The English Kitchen. The Recipe Finder. My Wooden SpoonMeatless Mama. And of course, The Better Baker!


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  1. Heather @ CSAHM Says:

    Thank you for the mention!!!

  2. slamdunk Says:

    Good suggestions–connecting with other Christians has been helpful to me as well. I enjoy other Christian blogs mostly.

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