Wisdom of a 4-year old

4 yr old

So being a Mommy Blogger, much of the content of my blog stems – on some level – from just being a mom.  My experiences, my feelings, my struggles, my victories – I process many of these things here – and because of it am learning to explore and embrace Motherhood in a way I never expected.

I try not to brag TOO terribly much about my girls.  Of course, I have every right – just saving it all for my book…

There are just some days, when I stand with my jaw hanging – in awe of the profound and miraculous wonder of my 4 year old’s brain as she begins to grasp entirely new concepts…

For example:

For several weeks now – maybe even months – we have been praying together as a family before bedtime.  Curly’s prayers used to be guided-by-mom-2-sentence-rote affairs, but have blossomed into surprisingly sweet (and I’ll be honest, sometimes entertaining) talks with God.  Roy & I often look at each other wide-eyed as she prays, listening to her confidently ask God for specific things – things we may have never even discussed…

So, of course during Roy’s study time, we were always praying for Daddy to study well, to remember what he studied, and to pass his test.  As his test approached more quickly, Roy began claiming out loud as we prayed, “Yes, Lord – I accept this.”  It happened more and more often.

And then one night, as Roy was praying for the girls – for them to be obedient and listen to mommy & daddy, and for Curly to “lose her attitude and help her to love her sister” – all of a sudden, I hear Curly’s little voice saying, “Yes, I appreciate that...”

Not quite the same translation – but just as effective!

One day last week, Roy said we three girls could treat ourselves to something sweet at a local ice cream shot.  This is not something we do very often, but we excitedly made our way to the shop.  It had been a long time since I’d been there – and when we walked in, the place was almost empty.

We looked at the board – and took advantage of the “Buy One Kid’s Treat, Get 2nd One Free!”  Yay!  So Curly got her bright blue cotton-candy flavored ice cream mixed with M&Ms, and Georgie got her white (cuz you KNOW this girl would get blue ice cream all over herself!) cake-batter ice cream with M&Ms.  Of course, Mommy got herself a frozen caramel coffee…

As we sat down in the comfy leather chairs, in what was something like a living room setting, we ate our ice cream with “Ooohs” and “Aaaahs” aplenty.

Curly looks at me, pulls her feet up underneath her, leans her head back and says, “This is the life!”

I laughed and said, “Yes, ma’am, it is!”

She finished her ice cream and threw her trash away.  She came back to my seat and announced, “When I grow up – when I turn 5 – I am going to work here!”

Oh, to be a kid again!!!  How exciting a prospect to work at an ice cream shop!

And then, of course, there’s the rather pointed (in my opinion) comment as she’s putting on her swimsuit to go play in her kiddie pool out back.  She turns her back to me and says proudly:

Look, Mommy!  I have a big butt like you!

Um, did I say “wisdom?”  And this would BE the result of the ice cream last week…  Okay, and maybe some ice cream before that, too…


As excited as we are for Curly to start prekindergarten, I know I’m going to miss these moments.  I’ll envy her teacher for the time she gets to steal away – and I’ll be grateful sometimes for a little bit more quiet in my mornings.

Needless to say, Mommyhood has its major share of stresses, anxieties, concerns, and worries.  And it is also full of hilarious perspective that adds a touch of God’s wisdom to my life in unexpected ways!

P.S. And then reality bites like a mad dog…

WARNING: HUMONGOUS GROSS FACTOR TO FOLLOW:  I find myself in the odd predicament of adding a postscript here.  I have a whole new perspective on this particular post, as I have just made a call to the pediatrician’s office and am awaiting a call back.  I’ve also had to google the following phrase…  “toddler eats human poop”  as my other genius daughter, Georgie, decided to do a little experimentation this evening.  ACK!!!  If I wasn’t concerned about her getting some kind of worms or funky disease, I’d be vomiting.  Nope – Mommy’s gotta keep it together and wait to talk to the doctor about the possible scenarious after the probable ingestion of poop.

Ummm, God – if it is at ALL possible, I would really appreciate a reprieve here.  I’m not asking for a mountain.  I’m not asking for a country.  I’m asking for a reprieve from the adventures in poopland that my dear daughters put me through. SIGH…

4 Responses to “Wisdom of a 4-year old”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Oh, Debbie….she ATE it???? I’m sooooooo sorry!!! That is HORRIBLE! I remember, fondly (haha), about 16 years ago, I was visiting Beth in Arizona. Johnelle was about a year old. I had no experience (other than babysitting) with babies. Sooooo, I woke up first one morning and Johnnelle was talking in her room. I went in and about PUKED! She had a poopy diaper and she thought an art project on her WALL with said poop would be a wise decision. UGH! ACK! GROSS! That scene scarred me for life! 🙂 But EATING it…I’m glad YOU held it together…don’t think I could’ve. 🙂 Miss you!

  2. Kathy Says:

    You are so right about motherhood. It has so many layers
    that each day a new one is uncovered. My 2yr old daughter is working on her potty training and just the other day we to had a funny scenario. She told us she had to pee and took herself to the bathroom. When she came out she told my husband, “Daddy I have chocolate on my hands” my husband almost pass out!

  3. Debbie Says:

    Oh my goodness. Ya have to wonder what goes through their minds as they do these things! And daddys can handle so many things – but apparently poop isn’t one of them (generally speaking…)

  4. Anne Says:

    Okay, I think I’m going to just focus on the prayers and the ice cream and pretend I didn’t see that postscript! 🙂

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