A Full Cup – Company Girl Coffee Time!

Happy Friday everyone – enjoy your Company Girl Coffee time today!

This week just flew right on by, didn’t it?  School’s starting up in our area – Curly’s starts next week – and my own classes start up on Monday!

Can I just say – again – how much I love Home Sanctuary?  I am so inspired – so refreshed every time I visit.  I’m finding some motivation to accomplish some of the tasks Rachel Anne puts out there – and it feels good.  Easy, accomplishable tasks – gotta love it.  Don’t forget to sign up for her occasional newsletter!

After posting a couple of posts this week, it’s nice to find a place of solitude – even online.  Things at home are starting to slowly take shape.  I’ve been able to remove or condense some clutter – a little bit every day – and I’m starting to feel less “foggy” at home.  I’m tackling clutter in little pieces because, frankly, it overwhelms me.  I know why professional organizers have jobs! To help people like me – who  need help seeing the forest for the trees.

So in the next couple of weeks, with Curly starting PreK – I’ve got some home projects coming:

  1. Cleaning the Living Room carpetDon’t even want to tell you how gross it is – but might take before & after pictures anyway.
  2. Moving furniture. Mostly in and out of kitchen to make it an “eat in” kitchen, getting rid of some broken-down furniture, etc.
  3. Painting kitchenI’ll be putting a primer coat on first.  My MIL has said she’s help – and having both of us here would be fun.  It’ll be done in pieces and I have no intention of completing the painting project in just a day or two – I’m going to do it as I can manage while Roy is at work and Curly is at school.

Curly had her Open House yesterday – got to see her teachers and classroom again – but more importantly, got to see her “favorite girl” Ellie.  She’s talked about Ellie through the summer and as we started talking about school coming, she started talking about Ellie more.  They saw each other yesterday and gave each other a quick hug.  Ellie’s mom said she’s been talking about doing stuff with Curly so hopefully we’re going to get together and have some great girlfriend time.

Speaking of girlfriends, I was able to connect with one of my oldest (not because SHE’S old, but because we’ve been longtime friends) & dearest friends, Dawn yesterday.  Man, do I miss her.  We’ve known each other since elementary school and share a fondness for many things – like coffee for example!  She lives on the West Coast and I haven’t seen her since the late 1980’s.  But chatting with her yesterday, and telling her about Curly’s friend – it reminded me much of our friendship and how sweet it is to have friends.  Her daughter is just about a year older than Curly and they like many of the same things.  How LOVELY it would be to get together with her and have some good Company Girl Coffee time together!!!  For now, we have to connect and stay in touch long-distance – but I look forward to the day when we can get together again…

So far, Georgie is recuperating from “The Incident” the other night.  (It’s in the P.S. from yesterday!) Pediatrician actually laughed about it, after acknowledging its GROSS factor…  No health issues to be concerned about so we’re just going to move along and eventually pretend like it never happened.  Ick!!!

In fact, I want to recommend a FREE GUIDE to you that I finally just read yesterday!  I’ve had this guide printed out forever, but in my long list of things I hope to read soon, this got lost.  I read Kelly McCausey’s Be a Great Mama guide book.  It’s just 29 pages long, but Kelly shares her own story about growing up and then about being a mom – and there are several other moms who contribute little tidbits and stories about their mothering experiences.  It was a real encouragement to me – and I admire Kelly even more now than I did before.  I really recommend it to any mom just as a reminder to keep perspective and not lose heart – which, for me, is easy enough to do.  I want to be a perfect mom, but know I can’t be – and this just gave me some new thoughts to consider!  Anyway – it’s FREE so check it out!

Be a Great Mama

11 Responses to “A Full Cup – Company Girl Coffee Time!”

  1. Diane Says:

    Isn’t it wonderful – you connect with a grade school friend at the same time your daughter is forging a friendship that may end up being *her* Dawn?

    Anticipation is the best part of a project for me – love that you are taking your time updating the kitchen, not rushing through to get to “done”. Just think how nice it will be to all gather around the table in the kitchen at mealtimes!

  2. Star Says:

    What a blessign to reconnect with an old friend. I have such a desire to have someone like that…it will come in time! Good luck on the decluttering! I would be more than happy for you to start on my house next! 🙂

  3. Debbie Says:

    Diane – Oh I’m all for the anticipation of a project. I tend to spend much time preparing for things – and I am looking forward to family meals around the table. And spending more time together together in general around our table!

    Star – it is really wonderful to catch up with old friends – who know us from waaaaay back. I am praying that my daughter finds friends like mine along the way, too – but hope they can stay in closer proximity…

    Um, yeah – decluttering is NOT one of my innate strengths – but is a project in and of itself… Once I master it (ha) I may have to write a book about it…

  4. Erin Says:

    A couple weeks ago we reconnected with friends we hadn’t seen in several years. I love having friends like that, you can just pick up where you left off, as if no time has passed.

    Thanks for the coffee.

  5. Jolanthe Says:

    Before and after pics may be gross – but they’ll also be inspiring. 🙂

    Happy Coffee Talk! 🙂


  6. Cari Says:

    Great post! How exciting for Curly! Have a fantastic day?

  7. Marie Says:

    Hello, great post! It’s so nice to make a clean sweep of things in our homes, isn’t it? And how fun to re-connect with an old friend!
    Thank you for sharing.


  8. joyceandnorm Says:

    definitely take it one step at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed and give up. longtime friends are the best!!! yuck on your story! yup, kids do that.

    happy weekend!

  9. Rachel Anne Says:

    Debbie, thank you for the kind words…but really the thanks goes to all the Company Girls who have made me feel not so alone in my constant hope of doing things better!! One day at a time, one Small Thing at a time, right??

    How wonderful to reconnect with an “old” friend…the best kind, I think!

    Best of luck on the kitchen…a big job but it will look fabulous AND we want to see pictures!!

  10. Debbie Says:

    Ladies – thanks for the encouragement today!

    I do think old friends are just really amazing. Especially my friend Dawn. She has been there through a lot of stuff with me – even long distance – and I think our souls were knit together so long ago I can’t imagine life without her. Even when we don’t get to connect as often as we’d like.

    I will be posting pics of my kitchen project. Mainly so I keep myself accountable =) But also for some advice and opinions as I go. Thanks for all of your input today – it’s very much appreciated!

  11. Kara Says:

    What a busy week!

    I’m so glad you got to reconnect with an old friend! I’m doing something similar on Monday.

    I’m like you most of the time…I have to tackle decluttering in small, manageable pieces. Once in awhile I get motivated and tackle a big job, but not usually.

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