Moms – Want More Time? Get Organized!

stopwatchAs a mom, you probably wear many different hats – chef, taxi driver, maid, home keeper, schedule coordinator, planner, assistant, organizer – and more.  Do you ever wear more than one hat at a time? Do you ever wish you had more time in the day?

Well, since that’s not possible, you just have to approach your family schedule and home organization in a different way!

Since it’s usually up to you to keep everyone in the family organized, you could probably use some help. Right?

These days – with work and home and church and family – moms are very busy – sometimes too busy. At times you may feel like you don’t even know if you are coming or going anymore. Life gets downright hectic and can leave you feeling worn out and exhausted.

Eventually you get to the point that something has got to give.  Know what I mean?

Life doesn’t have to be so stressed and hectic? All it takes is a little organization on your part and you’ll have your house and family running smoothly leaving you extra time and less stress.

Sounds good doesn’t it? But maybe you don’t know where to start.  I have this same problem.  We are often in a hurry and things pile up and get cluttered before we know it.  Chaos overwhelms me, so I need some help to get me started…

Start by organizing your home room by room.

Sounds too easy?  Well, I’ve been trying it – and it really works!  =)  Okay, so maybe it was one of those obvious kinds of things to some of you, but it was like a “Ta-Da” moment for me…

Don’t try to do it all in one day. Instead do it one room at a time. If the thought overwhelms you just start with the smallest room and work your way up to the biggest most cluttered room of the house.

If this concept is still overwhelming – and I know exactly how that feels – maybe you should pick up your copy of Moms Talk Biz’ Guide to Organizing Your Life and Finding More Time. This guide will give you strategies on how to not only keep clutter to a minimum but how to stay organized as well.

  • Practical, inexpensive tips to get started.
  • Room-by-room advice, step by step to help you move through your toughest areas.
  • Encouragement and inspiration at your fingertips!

The great thing is – you can use the guide to being taking small steps toward organization and peace in your home.  You don’t have to read the whole thing and apply it all at once!  You can just take it step by step so it fits into your life.

One step that is absolutely critical to the process is this:

You need to get your family on board no matter how reluctant they may be.

Even with my young girls and a husband with a busy work schedule, it’s important to include them in the overall process. Remind them of the truth in the old saying “When Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy”. They don’t need to understand how important it is to get rid of the chaos and clutter (although it would be nice if they all did!) – just let them know that it’s part of their responsibility as a family member to help keep things organized.

With the girls at ages 4 and 2, having them put their toys away when they’re done playing with them – designating baskets for shoes or shelves for books – and asking them to put their things away in these designated spots helps tremendously!  It doesn’t seem like much – and it wasn’t expensive to implement – but it makes a big difference in our house!  They are even learning to put their own folded clothes away from their laundry basket.

All this may sound overwhelming – and it always did to me – with the Guide to Organizing Your Life, you’ll soon find that once you get the clutter cleared and the disorganization eliminated – you will find more time in your day and have more time to enjoy your family.

Pick up your copy of Organizing Your Life for more tips and tricks on how to make the most of reorganizing your home, so you can have more time for the important things: Your Family!

Organizing Your Life


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  1. Danielle Says:

    Great ebook! I have it but, I need to read it again to get my life a bit more organized again!

  2. TheQueenMommy Says:

    Yep – I’m still reading it. I skimmed it once, and now I’m reading it in pieces and trying to apply it as I go. =) I’ve really loved a lot of the little tips & tricks – and feel like it’s been of benefit to me.

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