Great Preschool Snack Ideas

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My girls are fairly easy to please when it comes to snacks. But what one girl likes, may not be something that other kids like, too.  Preschoolers can be picky, and some may even have allergies. So how do you come up with healthy snacks that preschoolers will really enjoy?

Well, here’s a handy list of Great Preschool Snack Ideas!!!

Here’s a list of easy & simple preschool snack ideas from Preschool Snacks.

Disney’s Family Fun suggests this Snack Time List for sweet, savory, fun & crunchy, or light & fruity snacks! has these Nutritious Preschool Snacks Recipes with videos for moms who like to see how snacks are put together.

Here are some recommendations made by users from Yahoo! answers for allergy free snack recipes.

Here are some cute ideas at Preschool Snacks.  I think this one is more for moms, what do you think?

Check out this list at Epicurious of organic healthy store-bought snacks! offers specialized snack recipes for kids with cystic fibrosis, diabetes, lactose intolerance and celiac disease.

This list of preschool snack recipes at Preschool Rock offers great variety!

Associated Content provides 10 Low Cost Healthy Snack Ideas.

Finally, RecipeZaar has this amazing Alphabet Letter list of snacks!  I’ve bookmarked this page and am going to refer to it often!

Some of our favorite snacks from last year were:  String cheese and apples, grapes and cheez crackers, yogurt tubes, and raisins…

So there you have it – a handy list of Great Preschool Snack ideas!

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