How I Manage to “Do It All”… NOT!

It has been a lot of fun for me to get to know more about Danielle on her Journey…  While we were busy interns, we really didn’t have a lot of time for chit chat and I feel like I’m getting to know more about her now than I did then.  Her explanation for her blog title – and the suggestions for starting a home business were great, weren’t they?  She has some great resources on her blog for WAHMs or moms who WANT to be WAHMS!

She has some great, thoughtful questions for me – I’ll do my best to answer them here…

You mentioned you are a college student, what are you going to school for?  What are your plans once you graduate?  I know you struggle with juggling your family and everything else, just like so many of us.  Do you have any tips or lessons you have learned in juggling everything?

I registered for my first full-time semester of online courses with Liberty University in Fall 2004.  Two weeks before my first class was to begin, we were delighted to discover that we were expecting Curly. So, for the first 5 months of my pregnancy – while working 40 hours a week – dealing with terrible morning all-day sickness, I took 4 full-time courses online.  It was HORRIFIC, to say the least.

I was thrilled to find this summer that LU now offers a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, with a specialization in Christian counseling, and that will be my degree.  I don’t intend to be a licensed counselor like my husband – but hope to work in Christian women’s ministry and writing.

Even after I quit working full-time, I am only continuing online classes part-time.  The stress and pressure of that first semester left an unforgettable impression, and I know my limitations.

And that brings me to How I Do It All…


There. I said it. Since becoming a full-time SAHM, I have learned that I simply cannot do it all.  I don’t try to use 6 burners when there are only 4 on the stove.  I don’t try to burn a candle at both ends, cuz I’ll choke on the smoke!


If I will take an hour on Sunday night to review the upcoming week, really look at my calendar and all of my commitments, review Roy’s working schedule, and the girls’ schedule, and map out responsibilities – I find the things that are most important jumping off the page and slapping me in the face.  And I pray over the schedule.


I am learning (but have not yet mastered the art) to be fluid and flexible with life.  It isn’t always easy. Life throws curve balls and willingness to meet them makes for a much more peaceful home!  Yellow crayon on the front door.  Shredded coloring books on the floor.  Foot powder all over little sister’s hair.


Yep, that’s right.  I quit.  For a few hours.  Or a day.  Sometimes it requires a VENTI CARAMEL FRAPPUCCINO.  Sometimes it requires a power nap.  Sometimes I just cry.  And sometimes it requires that Roy take a day off to help keep the girls corralled so I can accomplish anything at all (He did that LAST WEEK as a matter of fact!)

I am human and I don’t go 90 mph all the time.  Can’t do it. Won’t do it.  And I will stop at some point, throw my hands in the air, and say “It can wait!”  And then I get back on track, make up for lost time and keep going.  I have that luxury now while I’m NOT focused on building a business.

I PRAY OFTEN and sometimes ALL DAY.

I can’t see all the details but believe that God allows everything for a purpose.  So once I have my fit or cry my eyes out, I ask God to give me wisdom & clarity and help me find the BALANCE and PERSPECTIVE I need to keep going.


Seasons come and go.  Seasons in marriage, motherhood, and business.  While I REALLY want to build a successful, thriving business at home to help “contribute” and allow us to have more fun family time together – I also know that this season of my life is for learning and spending time together for a different purpose.  So I am gathering information, tools, and resources to prepare for the season when Business can move to a front burner…

So, Danielle, where do you see yourself in one year – in your blogging and home business?  Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?  What is your ultimate “reality” for life?


3 Responses to “How I Manage to “Do It All”… NOT!”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Okay Debbie, I totally needed to hear that today! I am constantly pushing myself to do more and more, then I look up and see a pile of laundry and think will it every end? I got up at 5:45am to exercise and get a head start well now it is 11:30am and I haven’t done much! I do need to prioritize a little better!

  2. slamdunk Says:

    sage advice–giving an hour to prepare for the week is a super recommendation.

  3. TeriLynneU Says:

    I love this post! Spoke to my heart today and reminded me of the direction and desire I have for my own life. I love how God gently draws us back to Him through the words of others. Thank you!

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