Praying for the Future…

Have you enjoyed the Cross Blog Conversation with Danielle at Danielle’s Journey?  We kinda took a little break from it, but this will be my last response to her…  She answered my questions and I really enjoyed reading what she had to say!   Everybody needs a vision:  Where there is no vision, the people perish!

Danielle’s last questions to me are:

Okay Debbie I want to know the same things from you? Where will your business/blogging be in one year and five years? What do you want your life to look like in the future?

1189891134_8cace3c0ddIn one year’s time, I would like to be working on a serious writing project / book.  In the meantime, I have a few ideas for Christian e-books for moms, and am working on some printable articles, Home Keeper forms & ideas for Home Notebook use.  I’ve been playing around with that for awhile, and am getting some things put together.

I would also like to be working at home as a part-time freelance writer / editor.  Writing is my passion – and feels like a very natural extension of who I am – and I enjoy it.  Being able to “work” while writing and helping provide for my family financially would be really great!

I’d like to continue to blog personally (it’s too much fun!) and write with a group or groups of godly Christian women to minister to others who need to be reminded of who they are in Christ.  Knowing who I AM in Christ is a powerful tool in my life and has enabled me to overcome – with my faith in God – many obstacles that held me prisoner emotionally and mentally for so long.  Those victories enable me to face other difficulties that arise, and God continually reveals Himself to me and grow me through these times.

In five year’s time, I’d like to have a published book, as well as other e-books and online tools available for women.  I would love to integrate my love for tea & coffee into a face-to-face ministry, too – but that’s still a bit nebulous for me right now.  The girls will be in school by then, and I’d really love to be writing on a full-time basis. Along with writing, I love to talk speak, and would like the opportunity to share how God has blessed me and what He has taught me as I’ve faced depression following an abortion as a teenager and postpartum depression following my pregnancies, as well as anxiety and other mood issues.

My bachelor’s degree will be completed, and I may be pursuing a Master’s Degree at that time – in writing, Christian ministry, or nursing.  Right now, I’d just like to pass my Algebra II class…

I want to thank Danielle for inviting me to our cross-blog conversation.  It was fun to answer some questions here in this forum, and I hope you enjoyed it.  Be sure to visit Danielle’s Journey for the wrap up!


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  1. Tracey Says:

    I enjoyed reading this post! It reminded me that I need to set goals and always lbe ooking ahead to plan how I can meet them.

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