Are You a Wild Woman?

Maybe you’re a roller coaster fanatic.

A bungee jumper.

A motorcycle or dragster enthusiast.

Maybe you’re just a middle-aged mom of 2 who stays at home and does laundry, dishes, and cooks “for a living.”

SAY WHAT?  Come Again?

How in the world can a Stay at Home Mom of 2 be a “Wild Woman?”

Let me tell you.  I’m talking about A Different Kind of Wild by Debbie Alsdorf.

wild womanWhen Debbie Alsdorf speaks to Christian women, she has a message for them: “Go wild.” And she means it—but she’s talking about a different kind of wild living than the image we’re most familiar with.

“This new wild is about taking our lives back,” she says. “It’s about becoming women who dare to live differently—wild in surrender, wild in devotion, wild in service, and wild in following what God calls us to.”

She encourages women to embrace the adventure God has for them, and watch their faith flourish like never before. She looks at how women can be risk-takers for Christ, stand firm in crises, confront fear with truth, dare to live by a different standard and find courage to follow a new life path.

Alsdorf explains this call to becoming wild: “’Wild’ stands for ‘women in lifelong development.’” While this might sound intimidating and out-of-reach to some women, she points out that it is a process. “The key is understanding that it’s a lifelong development. There are no overnight spiritual success stories. We are on a journey with God: Each day the pages of life are turned, and line by line our story unfolds. It is a process.”

After reading this book, I am actually excited again about my life in Christ.  Not just grateful for spiritual growth and lessons learned – but excited to be a Wild Woman for God.

Let’s be honest: Life can feel so mundane sometimes – so routine, so monotonous.  It’s impossible to maintain that “always-together” look for everyone around you – and there’s nothing satisfying about it, either! Living beyond “normal” and living in “the process” instead of “perfectionism” is so freeing!

Debbie Alsdorf uses the strategies:  Look Up, Pray Up, Live Up – providing thoughtful reflection and practical application of becoming a Wild Woman for God. Each chapter ends with questions for review, and my edition included a study guide for deeper study.  I so appreciate that because it is not just a book that blesses just for reading it – it’s a book that challenges any woman to take a deeper look at fully live the Purpose God has laid out for each of our lives.

Living a Wild Christian life challenges our inner woman in a new way.  If you’re looking for MORE to life- A Different Kind of Wild may be just right for you!


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  1. Sara Pozonsky Says:

    I’ve always been a wild woman! In fact, our slogan is “Go Wild!” Excellent!

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