More Ways to Teach the Bible

Continuing from last week, I wanted to talk about other ways to incorporate the study of God’s Word into your family time and to instill a love for God’s Word in our kids.

Trivia Games

Because my parents were often Sunday School teachers, my dad had tons of helps and aids in teaching kids.  He was very hands on and used object lessons regularly to explain things in Scripture that might otherwise be difficult.  I always loved his object lessons – but my favorite thing of all was Bible Trivia.

He had decks of cards with questions & answers, and we’d pit the boys against the girls or one side against the other – winners usually receiving some really great candy from this cool white travel case he used only for church.

As I got older, there were still many questions I didn’t know the answers to, and I would read the cards (which listed the coordinating Scripture) and studied more about the things I wanted to learn.

Picture Bibles

One of the best gifts I ever received was from my grandparents.  It was a 6 series set of books called “The Picture Bible.”  This is now available in one volume by the same name (It’s The Picture Bible by Iva Hoth), which looks pretty much like a Bible.  It captured my attention both with its pictorial explanation and clear wording so many stories in the Bible.  It is NOT a version of the Bible, but in my opinion, it helped me learn so many things about Scripture that I fell in love with it.  The books literally fell apart I read them so many time for so many years.  I still have all but 1 volume, tucked away to show my girls when they are older.


I can still rememberScripture songs I learned as a kid, and they are often a comfort to me even now as an adult!  Don’t hesitate to incorporate to use music as a means of teaching the Bible to your kids.

There are many great CDs available with Christian songs for kids.  Some of them are straight from Scripture and others teach Bible stories or instill character and good values.  Veggie Tales are some of my girls’ favorites – but in comments from last week’s post about Helping Children Understand God’s Word, Hope recommended CDs from Seeds Family Worship.  So I visited the site – what a great Christian resource for families!  I’ve bookmarked it to go back and visit more…

And don’t forget that while kids enjoy their own music, you can expose them to the godly music you listen to as a parent.  One of our family’s favorite CDs to listen to in our vehicle is Phillips, Craig & Dean‘s Restoration CD.  Our girls BEG to hear it sometimes, and its nice for mom & dad to have a change from the kids tunes.

Christian Websites

There are so many resources online that offer printables, games, and suggestions for incorporating Scripture and godly virtues into family time I couldn’t even list them all here!  So instead, I’ll list just a few…

Calvary Kids

Kid Explorers

Bible Coloring Pages

Living Water Bible Pages

DLTKs Bible Activities

Christian Parenting – Focus on the Family

Bible Lessons for Children

Family Bible Study HQ

Printable Bible Verses (from Kid Printables – one of my favorite printable sites!)

Family Life

Please feel free to share other free Christian resources for kids in your comments!

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  1. Angelita Says:

    Hi! I am very honored to comment on your cite, I’m always seeing you comments on Christian Mom Blogs, I was curious on what your blog is. And this is my favorite topic on your blog. There’s saying that Experience is the best Teacher. Another way to teach our children and other children more about bible is to show them how to do it, to be an example.

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