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Do you love Fall?  Oh – it’s my favorite season!  I love the cooling weather, the rain, the colors changing – the anticipation of the first snow! (If it WAS raining coffee, I’d play in the rain without an umbrella!)

Over the summer, I had the blessing of getting to know Alyssa Avant better.  She’s posted here a few times and she has a ministry that reaches out to Moms and Moms of Girls, specifically.  Have you read her stuff?  It is GOOD STUFF!

She & I have been able to get to know each other a bit better – as much as motherhood and the digital world have allowed – and I really admire her heart for God – and her heart for moms and daughters.

She has a FREE seminar series coming up that you won’t want to miss!  Back to the Basics of Life!  She even made a short YouTube video to tell you about it herself:  Back to the Basics of Life.  I encourage you to watch it and then sign up for the series – 4 seminars with 4 different speakers on topics that moms and daughters deal with!

Oh, and if you read the post about Christian Charm School some time back, you might be interested to know that the products are available in both a digital format and a print edition!  Alyssa was very excited to see this come to fruition – and it’s pretty exciting to share with her the way things are moving forward.

CCS Student Workbook

If you haven’t taken advantage of her free 7 day How to Journal ecourse – it’s a fun way to think about journaling with purpose! I have my journal of thoughts (aka – DIARY) and then I have my journal that I pour my heart into and can look back and see where God has worked in my life. It’s pretty cool and if you want a bit of guidance in journaling – she’s got some fun exercises to work through to get you thinking about what you write!

7 Day Ecourse

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  1. Jean Stockdale Says:

    Hey there, bloggy friend! You always bring tips and wonderful resources to our attention. Blessings.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my tea strainer. I wish I knew more about it. I think it has probably graced many tea trays in its time. It was discovered in a cluttered antique mall in Franklin, Tn. I wish I knew its history, but I suppose the lack of information on it is part of its charm to me.

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