Wife-ly Wednesday

Wifey Wednesday

I’m linking up with Sheila Gregoire’s To Love Honor and Vacuum meme – Wifey Wednesdays today!

I don’t write a whole lot about being a godly wife.  I read a lot about being a godly wife – I pray about being a godly wife to Roy – but it’s an area I do not excel in.  It’s hard for me to write about being honoring to our husbands, because it’s an area I struggle with.

I’m a take charge kind of gal – I was almost 34 when I got married – and I pretty well hung on to some ideas of independence that have been damaging to myself – and to my marriage.

  • I want to run to the next corner, while Roy wants to stop and enjoy the scenery. sigh.
  • I want to know what “our plan” for everything is, while Roy is more relaxed and wants to let things happen, weigh the options, consider our choices.
  • I’m so very impatient and “tap-my-foot” about so many things – and Roy is able to just take a lot of things as they come.

Our differences aren’t the problem.

My attitude is my problem!

My attitude is like the rudder for our family.  Not that I can control the family – but MY attitude certainly steers and guides our family – sets the tone.  And when my attitude stinks – look out!

When my attitude is wrong – it is based on my OWN desires and wants – and I see things going in a direction OPPOSITE of my desires and wants – I pout, I sulk, I get mad, I holler.  I cry, I whine, I get angry.

And when God finally gets my attention – in whatever manner is necessary – sometimes I can turn around and see a path of destruction as big as a hurricane.

It all starts with a focus on ME.

And then I have to repent and seek forgiveness.  I have to find humility and put it on like a robe and go to my husband and my daughters and tell them I know I was wrong and apologize and pray that they forgive me.

God never ever – nowhere in Scripture – says to take care of MYSELF before anyone else.  God never ever – NOWHERE in Scripture – says if I take care of myself then I can take care of my family better.  He never says to put my feelings, my wants, my desires, or my needs first. (If you can find where He says this – feel free to share.)

Can I be honest?

I don’t like that.

Ultimately – I’m selfish.  I want to be able to say “I’m tired – I need to put up my feet and y’all can just give me some ‘me time’ so I can do my thing.”

Nope.  A wife is called to be a servant.  To be in submission to authority – God and my husband.  To be obedient (yep – I choke on that word, too) to her husband.  But Scripture doesn’t mince words about this, whether I like it or not.

I want to spend money without having to answer to ANYBODY.  I want to make decisions without deferring to Roy’s opinion, suggestion, or advice. I want to go and do and not really have to be entirely accountable.

Besides – HE’S not perfect, so why should I have to listen to him?

ACK!  Did you hear that?  Um – my husband does NOT have to be perfect first before I submit to his authority.  I am instructed to obey God – by submitting myself to my husband.

I’m not posting Scriptures here, because I’m going to point you to a post that lays out the truth with all the Scriptures that pierced my heart and convicted me down to my toes.  I could rewrite it – but that is plagiarism.  I could condense it, but miss something really important.

Instead – I’ll just ask you to read A Christian Wife Should Honor and Revere Her Husband for yourself…

The Word of God is the Message here.  It’s not opinion – and it’s certainly not POPULAR opinion.  It is TRUTH – and it is HIS TRUTH that will set us free… It’s a Truth I need to embrace and live out…


5 Responses to “Wife-ly Wednesday”

  1. Fruitfulvine2 Says:

    Very profound truths. Submission is such a dirty word in many circles but that is where true contentment lies. When God gives an instruction in scripture it is for our good and does not depend on any circumstances. Awesome thoughts.

  2. Kim Says:

    Oh me goodness….I didn’t have the WORDS to write a post on my blog concerning this but it seems I have happened over to your blog (thank you Mr. Linky 🙂 and You took the words RIGHT out of my blog…wow – sister, you hit the nail on the proverbial head for me…I’m going to re-read this a few more times because it just SCREAMS “ME” all over it…I’m SO thankful that God’s grace is enough and is sufficient!!!

  3. Midwest Mom Says:

    It’s funny, my husband and I are also different, but I like to think we balance each other out. God put us together for a reason, and valuing our union means loving all parts of the other — even the parts we don’t identify with directly.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    Julia at Midwest Moms

  4. laura Says:

    Thanks for sharing so honestly! You have described me pretty well in your post and given me some things to think about. (Or maybe I shouldn’t be saying thanks because it just means that I have more to work haha.)

  5. sheilagregoire Says:

    Isn’t that the truth! It’s so easy to blame the other person for all our problems, but the truth is the problem is all in how we choose to react to it. Even if it’s something really bad, we can choose to handle it in a godly way, or we can blow up and feel all put-upon.

    It is our attitude that’s the issue! Thanks so much for adding such an uplifting post to Wifey Wednesday!

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