Marvy Monday

Sorry this is a late post!  I spent the morning at Curly’s school – I’m going to be volunteering there a few mornings a month while she’s in class – helping with teacher projects and clerical stuff.  YAY!  Just a couple of mornings a month – although I’d love to spend more time there cutting out letters for bulletin boards – copying, collating and stapling – laminating!

But I’m really trying to shift my focus.  My focus has been “off” for some time.  I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants – struggling to GET and STAY motivated with projects and housework and being a wife and mom.

I’ve read and heard some pretty convicting stuff lately and know I have much to surrender.

Today, Roy stayed home with Georgie while I was at school – and they’re all napping now, so I am going to do some straightening, get my focus for the week on track (asking God to take the pilot’s seat since I’m really just a passenger) and getting things in order.

God has been doing EXCITING things in my life – in our home – in our family – and while I could really busy myself up (and have the inclination to do so), today I am going to work on laundry and bake some cookies for my family and enjoy our time together.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some great recipes or inspiration in the kitchen, visit my mom’s blog: The Better Baker!

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