Happy Coffee Day!

Okay – I’m back to Coffee after a few tea posts!  I enjoyed a large cup of my favorite shop coffee this morning, but am settling in for a nice cup of afternoon tea for the moment.  Rainy, wet, dreary kind of day – but it’s warm and cozy in our home, so I’m snuggling in.

After a few tea posts, I’m glad to get back to some Company Girl Coffee talk!  But its because I have a very exciting announcement:

I’m the New Owner of Mommies Coffee Break!!!

While this will continue to be my personal blog, I have really felt God speaking to my heart about ministering to women online in a little bit different manner.  Many of the sweet people who follow me here and leave comments are already good friends of mine, and I hope you’ll all be able to follow me in both places.

It’s going to get a bit of a sprucing up in the next week or two, and then I’ll be digging into some good stuff.  I’ll be keeping up here – but things will probably be shorter (and hopefully, sweeter, too!)

If you aren’t subscribed here, just click the icons in the top left of the page – you can subscribe by email or by a reader – your choice.  And be sure to subscribe to Mommies Coffee Break, too!

I’ve always thought I might have a couple of personalities, so we’ll see how they play out online. LOL!

Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary mourns some fashion hits & misses of her youth today.  Makes me laugh.

As far as fashion is concerned, I don’t always like what is “popular” – but I tend to gravitate towards the classics with a twist.  I prefer NOT to wear black.  Ever.  I really enjoy Navy and Chocolate if I’ve got to go dark…

When I was younger, I liked to wear some brighter colors (turquoise, pink, mint green)! Thankfully, I was blessed with some nice hand me downs from gals with GREAT fashion sense (for the most part) and I was able to enjoy some outfits during Jr Hi and High School that I wistfully remember to this day.  Being an 80’s chick – I had the perm and some big hair and used banana clips like God himself created them.  (No I don’t have photos to digitally load.  Seriously, people…  But I’ve got, ahem,”friends” on Facebook who have posted a couple…)

I’d prefer to spruce up my wardrobe, but I’ll wait until Georgie realizes that smearing spaghetti sauce in her hair isn’t cute EVERY time…  Until then, I’ll enjoy the Tshirts and comfy pants and running around in sandals most of the year…

Hey – my greatest fashion accessory (besides my beautiful girls) is a GiNormous Cuppa Coffee, so as far as Fashion is concerned – I’m the IT girl!!!

P.S. – I’ve got a cookbook giveaway going on here through 10/15 – click here to find out how to enter!


6 Responses to “Happy Coffee Day!”

  1. Star Says:

    I’ve never heard of Mommies coffee Break but enjoyed looking around a bit. I’ll have to try to remember to check it out again! Good luck with the new venture!

  2. joyceandnorm Says:

    I have no fashion sense whatsoever. You should have heard me trying to ask my 2.5yo which shoes at the shoe store looks good on mommy. haha I even have a clothing challenge over at my site because I have no idea how to shop. =p And I don’t like to talk on the phone. But I like pink! Sometime girly about me. =p I’m heading over to your new site now.

  3. Tracy D Says:

    Congrats on the new site! My wardrobe consists of things that a 2 yo and a 4yo can’t ruin right now! LOL

  4. Melissa Says:

    I chuckled when you talked about the spaghetti sauce…just when I have finished with that phase with my own kids, I start watching a 1yr old that still thinks it’s cute. 🙂 I’ll save the white blouse I just bought for Sundays I guess!

    There’s always a need for ministry to moms. I’ll be checking out your other blogs for a fresh cup of coffee.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Jean Stockdale Says:

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my “quiet place.” I do love to have a few little tablescapes scattered around to evoke a sense of quiet. I raised two rowdy boys into godly men and NEVER had many of those tablescapes or moments in my life. Now, in the empty nest season I have more “quiet” than I like!! And of course, now we have Baby Grands so I keep these high and out of the reach of busy hands, because I want the to enjoy my house without worrying about “not touching everything.”

    Boy, you are one busy lady. I will keep checking in with you. May God use your voice to engage the blogsphere for the cause of Christ. Blessings.

  6. Jade @ No Longer 25 Says:

    I also enjoyed Rachel Anne sharing her fashion past with us – it’s great when you can laugh at what you wore. I have some truly horrendous outfits which are still a bit too recent to share!

    It’s great to wear something more colourful it instantly brightens your mood.

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