A Little of This, A Dash of That

We’ve been experiencing random glitches in our computer world this week.  Really, they’re still a bit inexplicable, but I’m here now, so I’m running with it!


Don’t forget – my cookbook giveaway ends tonight.  Be sure to leave your comment for the Once A Month Cooking Family Favorites cookbook for your chance to win!


It’s coming!!!  I’m working on the new site to get it up and ready.  Really!  I’m kinda excited about it and will definitely make the announcement when everything’s ready.


My now 4 year old nephew, Caden, diagnosed with leukemia in August 2008 – has entered the maintenance phase of his treatment!  He has had some bumps along the way – his counts have been all over the place and he’s had much isolation, but he’s making progress!  With flu season around the corner, it’s especially important for his family to stay healthy and avoid the flus of the season!  The maintenance phase is going to allow for LESS TRAVEL for he and his family and more routine in their schedule! YES!  Thank you, Lord!  The doctor even suggested the idea of preschool for the spring – so it’s a really big deal!


Yep, I’m blogging at both places.  But other than having a final exam in my counseling class this week and despite computer glitches – things are going okay so far!  Just excited about getting the new blot site revealed!  Hang on tight – it won’t be long…


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  1. meatlessmama Says:

    So Happy to hear the update on Caden! I remember all the isolation when my son’s counts were nearly zero after each round of chemo. It’s wonderful that he’s making progress and I keep him in my prayers.

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