Saturday Morning Fever

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What are You Singing?

Making your home sing Mondays

I’m just gonna be really honest – it’s been awhile since I made my home sing. Lately, I’ve been content to just find a particular level of maintenance and call it “enough” when really, it is just barely squeaking by. sigh.

One day last week I was online and really – in my heart of hearts – I just wanted to get sucked into my computer and not have to deal with two bored girls, a needy cat, bills to be paid, loads of laundry and well, you know the rest.

I don’t like cleaning toilets.

I love writing and blogging.

I don’t like cleaning up after the cat who seems to have a serious problem with gorging and then vomiting weekly.

I do love visiting with friends on Twitter and playing Farmville on Facebook.

So, at some point, God entered the picture and began clearly telling me to get off the computer.  I didn’t want to.  But God, I’m writing “Christian” stuff here – can’t I have just a DAY to myself to do fun things I want to do?


After some serious conviction I shut the computer down put it aside and began focusing on my girls.  My attitude hadn’t quite shifted, but I was moving and getting juice cups ready and thinking about lunch.  And I stayed off the computer for the rest of the day.

And you wouldn’t BELIEVE what I accomplished.  Even I couldn’t believe what I had accomplished.  It didn’t look like much had changed around here – but I knew I’d swept down the stairs and the kitchen.  I knew I’d rolled on the floor with the girls and played and laughed.  I knew several things got put back into their keeping place.

And it made a difference.  Maybe my blogging makes a difference – occasionally, on a good day – but Making My Home Sing – I can see and feel the difference…

So today, I am going to focus on my home & family – not just race through stuff – but FOCUS on what needs to be done and pray over my To Do list and pray over my computer time and ask God to help me DO the right thing.

I’m going to make My Home Sing today.

Thought full Thursday: To be… Or Not to be…

photo credit: faeryn / flickr

photo credit: faeryn / flickr

Reading is one of my favorite things.  Reading the written word can be life changing – especially when crafted by wordsmiths such as Max Lucado, Emilie Barnes, Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Beth Moore…  The written word is so powerful and enriching – on a different level than the spoken word.

Writing is another of my favorite things.

In fact, I think it must have evolved from my love of reading. I have enjoyed writing since I picked up a pencil and wrote my first word.

I enjoy reading it.  I enjoy writing.  I enjoy words in general.  Communication is such a powerful tool in the human arsenal and can be done in so many ways.

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What’s Up Wednesday? Blogging Bonanza!!!

As you may have seen from yesterday’s post, I’ve been regularly blogging at Family Foodies for just over two weeks now.  I’m overwhelmed by the wealth of information, responsibilities,  and resources I’ve been given.

It’s been fun to have a totally different outlook about blogging – and purpose in blogging.  Working with the other interns at Family Foodies and the other blogs with Moms Talk Networks has been fun.  Fun & challenging!  It almost feels like I’m in college – a lot to learn, a lot to know, a lot to do – it’s been a wonderful opportunity and I’m grateful!

From food to technology, from blogging to twittering – there are great topics to enjoy and resources for anyone! Pop on over for a visit!

Family Foodies

Profitable Mommy Blogging

Moms Talk Radio

Moms Talk Network

Feel free to browse around, leave some comments, and let me know what you think!!!

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I am unplugged for the weekend!

Enjoying time for Faith, Family, Home, and Life…  Hope you can do the same!

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Thought Full Thursday

I have some things “brewing” in my heart & mind right now – about forgiveness, the Sovereignty of God, and more.  These topics will be showing up in posts in the near future.

As we prepare for a short family vacation this weekend, I find my brain is focused on making preparations for our travel.

In the meantime, I read a post this morning by a guest author on one of my favorite blogs, Joyfully Living for His Glory.  It is just another reminder to me personally of the work God is doing in my life, and an assurance of His Sovereignty in all things.  I invite you to visit the post here and see if it speaks to your heart.

Until next time,