What Study Bible Do You Recommend?

I’ve actually posted this question on Twitter a couple of times and got just a few responses, and thought maybe I’d get more input here…

About 20 years ago, I was given a beautiful red-leather bound Thompson-Chain KJV (King James Version) Bible as a gift.  It had my name embossed in gold on the front cover, and I spent many years reading through it, marking verses, making notes, and well, just  loving it.

I could turn to certain passages of marked Scripture and see the highlights and underlines or notes in the margin and remember a particular sermon I’d heard or study I’d participated in.

Sometimes I could read one of those notes and feel God’s Spirit speak a message anew to my heart.  I would go into the concordance and learn more.  I would cross reference verses and have a better understanding of what I had read.

Throughout the years, I collected more Bibles – a NKJV (New King James Version), my grandmother’s NIV (New International Version) – and have used all of them at one point or another.

And then it happened.  One Sunday after church, I lost track of my Bible.  The one I’d had for so long, that had so much meaning and so much of my Spiritual journey marked throughout the pages.

I thought for sure it would just turn up somewhere and I would find it again – but it’s been 6 months and I haven’t seen it.  I retraced my steps.  No luck.  I checked at church thinking I’d left it in a classroom after dropping my daughters off in class.  Nope.

And I began to grieve over the loss.  I didn’t realize just how special that Bible had been to me until I lost it.  And since then, I have struggled with my Bible study.

I’ve looked at new KJV Thompson-Chains, but the availability of other newer versions (like The Amplified or The Message) have intrigued me.  I found a parallel Bible with NKJV (now my favorite version) and The Amplified Bible.  Hmmmm – giving that one serious thought.

But I have looked and looked for that one Bible that could be both used at church and personal study, and I’m honestly overwhelmed because I haven’t found “the one.”

I love having cross references and a good concordance, but can use a separate concordance if need be.

So I’m putting this question to you:

What do you use for your personal every day study?  Do you use a different Bible or version for church?  Why do you love your particular Bible(s)?

I am praying over this.  Wherever my Bible is, I am praying that SOMEONE is finding it useful and using it and learning from it.  And I am praying to find another Bible that is both easy to use and profoundly impacting in my spiritual growth and walk with Christ.

Thanks for your recommendations – I appreciate your input!!!

Complete Randomness…

I LOVE FALL. I don’t know about any of you, but Fall actually energizes me and makes me happy!  I love the cooler weather, the changing leaves, the crunch of them underneath my foot – even the rain.  How do you feel about Fall? I don’t see it as a precursor to Winter, so much as an end to (hot, humid) Summer – so that’s where I’m coming from!

Speaking of Fall, one reason I enjoy the season is that I love to COOK with Fall ingredients, and I really enjoy making soups & stews and baking breads!  I’m planning to share some recipes (some of my own – and some of my friends!) over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

Don’t forget about the Moms Online Bible Study with Jean StockdaleHigh Stepping in Heavenly Places.  (Look how cute the cover of the workbook is – SO totally like my girls!)

Speaking of Bible Study – the Lies Women Believe study I’m in is REALLY impactful!  It really nails some deeply rooted stuff that so many women (not just me) live with.   If you can’t get into a study with someone else, I highly recommend getting the book and the workbook to journal through it yourself!

So, more announcements are coming, but I’ll keep it short & sweet today…

Have a Blessed Day!

A Lie I Believed – Part 1

Although I missed last week’s Bible study (due to Georgie’s’ sickness), I was determined to be there yesterday.  Despite spending 3 hours Saturday night studying for my Math exam, and 3 hours again yesterday morning – preparing and taking the exam – I thought I had plenty of time.  But Math – well, it breaks me down.

It was 8:00, and we were supposed to leave by 8:30 for church.  I was still taking my exam. Roy got Curly ready – although there was much loud discussion upstairs (since it’s not normal for Daddy to get them rolling in the morning).  I thought I’d prepared enough and gave myself enough room for the test – but I was wrong.

So at 8:20, I was done (I passed) – and ran upstairs to get dressed (no shower!) and get Georgie dressed.  I got my hair brushed (but not my teeth!) and scrambled to get our things together and out the door to church.  I could not miss another worship service and the Bible study is far too important.

CyndiMac is teaching our class – and I have to tell you – I ADORE this woman to pieces!  She is ALL Southern, and she spoke at a spring event called Dressing for the King.  I’ll share more about her later.

We are studying Nancy Leigh Demoss’ book  Lies Women Believe and the Truth that Sets Them Free.  She talked about the chaos that had been in her house this week, particularly yesterday, and how she really believed it was a spiritual battle.  She wanted to spend the day studying and in prayer – preparing for the study with us – but many things kept her from it.

I could relate.  I had that kind of week.  Actually, the past 2 weeks have been filled with sick children, chaotic schedules, changing schedules, and general upheaval and disturbances.  It wasn’t until Cyndi began talking about the spiritual battle that I had a “V8” moment and REALIZED what has been going on.

Now, I’m not saying that Satan made my girls sick or that it’s his fault I didn’t prepare enough time for my Math homework.  I’m just saying that for the past 2 weeks, many pressures came to bear hard and by the end of things, I was rushing into my days without spending much time with the Lord – or in His Word.

It’s as if I painted a target on the front door of my home and said, HELLO, enemy – here’s an open door for ya…  Welcome and have a seat, won’t you? SHEESH!

After a catastrophic afternoon Saturday – where I was the one having the screaming & yelling meltdown in the direction of my husband & girls – an evening & morning of MATH and stress – sitting in that class, showerless and feeling “messy” everything “clicked” for me.

I hadn’t even read the entire chapter of “homework” I was supposed to read, but I think there was purpose even in that.  As CyndiMac was speaking, God began shouting into the storm of my life.

God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.
~ C.S. Lewis

When she read that to us – as I spent half the class wiping tears away – I could HEAR His voice shouting to me through my pain.  See, I had been listening to her present the “lies” that women believe about God – and I was thinking – oh, how sad for people to believe that.

And it dawned on me just exactly one particular lie that I had not only believed but lived out for 20+ years:

My Lie:  God is Not Enough.

Now, I’m going to stop here, because I have more to chew on, and some writing to get down.  God spoke to me last night, and I wrote a post – not even understanding that He was preparing me for facing this disabling lie with His Truth in a way that would set me free.  That post will come this week, but I need to share more about this particular lie and the truth that God has revealed to me already today – with more to come I’m sure.

So stay tuned and be ready…  Here is Part 2.

Hiding God’s Word in Our Heart



Reading and memorizing Scripture as a kid is something that has stayed with me throughout my life!  Something like the multiplication tables – only I have relied on it much  more often than my “times” tables!  What a precious gift – to have God’s word fill my heart and mind during moments of difficulty, sadness, depression, struggle, and even great joy!

Psalms 119:10-11 says “I see you with all of my heart; do not let me stray from your commands. I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”

Do you know what “I have hidden your word in my heart” really means? Read the rest of this entry »

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Friday Favorites – Devotional Series, Teaporia, Mom Printables!

Core Lies – A Devotional Series

No, Core lies are not my favorite.

But Sarah Mae’s blog, (which is one of my favorites) Like a Warm Cup of Coffee, is having a series about Breaking Free from our Core LiesSince Sarah just had a baby girl last week, this series is still in its very early stages, and she intends to continue with it – it is her mission…  It is not too late to start this journey with us, and she seems to be breaking things down in a simple manner so that jumping on board can be easy.

Not that addressing a Core Lie is easy.  Or what feels to me like 837 Core Lies…  But I digress.

What is a Core Lie? Here‘s Sarah’s definition, but basically it is an untruth we believe about ourselves that prevents us from living the life God has specially created for us.

So often it is not that God withholds blessings from us, as much as it is the manner in which we live out our lives: In Bondage.  It’s as if the locks on our chains have been opened, but we continue to carry the chains around as though we are still enslaved. sigh.

While I haven’t been able to participate in my Monday Memes (At the Well and I Cor 7:5 Challenge) the way I’ve wanted to for the past couple of weeks, I’m getting back to that next week.  In the meantime, I’m adding this to my personal journey.

Addressing Core Lies is a major step into breaking strongholds of the enemy in my life, and I love Living in Freedom!  It’s one of my Favorite Things!!!

John 8:36 – Therefore if the Son makes you free,

you shall be free indeed.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *


If you’re a tea lover, I’ll be posting more reviews of my Tea samples from Teaporia at my other blog, Cuppa Love soon.  What I will say is that I have found a renewed passion for tea, and I’m so enjoying the samples and varieties of teas that my mom, Queen Martha, gifted to me!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * *

Mom Printables!

Fabulous Mom Find!!  I love finding free printables and am in the process of getting a Household Notebook put together.  My goal is to get BACK on track and get our daily schedules & routines settled.  There are so many great sites with free printables:  Donna Young, Cindy Rushton, Heart of the Matter online (and here is a very friendly Daily FLYing form that you can customize for your own use), A Virtuous Woman (this is a ning community you can sign up for – free), and many more.

I like to make my favorites available here, because if you’re at all like me, you LOVE lists.  There are other sites that offer memberships, such as FlyLady, The Busy Woman, List Plan It!, or kid-friendly pages like Parenting Printables, Kid Printables, and more.  Depending on what you’re looking for, all of these listed sites have a vast array of downloads & printables for home organization, children activities or homeschooling, business, and more.

My most recent find really made me happy.  Mom Agenda not only has useful downloads, but they’re PRETTY, too!  In colors like Cherry, Butter, or Ocean, not only can you be organized, but you can do it cheerfully!

I hope you find these useful.

Have a blessed weekend!