7 Things I Admire about My Dad

Dad webHappy Birthday Daddy!

Today is my Dad’s 62nd birthday.  I can clearly remember his 40th birthday when my mom threw a birthday party for him and his best friends dressed up in makeup and costumes like “old geezers” and everybody had a good laugh.

It doesn’t seem like it’s been 20+ years since that party, and other than having a few wrinkles, moving a little slower and forgetting things just a little more often – he still seems like MY DADDY – that guy I grew up with who was big and strong and would meet any young man at the front door with a shotgun if necessary…

When I think about my dad, I have a lot of great memories.  I have regarded many of his traits as being things I hope to model effectively to my family, and traits I already know I inherited from him – either naturally or just by being around him.

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Curly’s Birthday Month

August is Curly’s birthday month.  She is turning 4 years old!  It’s hard to believe that my little Sunflower has grown so much – but she has!

Do you know the amazing and cool things an almost-4 year old can do?

Swing.  Yes, that’s right folks,  Curly can pump and swing herself now.  And not only that, she helps push her sister on the swings, too!

Swim.  Okay, so it’s not really swimming, but to her it’s a big deal.  Putting her face in the water – well, she now believes she’s a Princess Mermaid!  And of course, she is!

Ride a Bike.  Yep – she’s getting it figured out.  She especially loves it when her daddy walks alongside her while she rides up and down our street!

Whistle!  Oh my goodness, this girl can whistle!  I hear her whistling all the time now.  She practiced for quite awhile and then finally got it!

Georgie’s Turning 2!

July is Georgie’s birthday month!  And she’s turning 2 years old!

Kaity Day 1

It’s hard to believe we’ve had her in our lives for 2 years.  Some days – it feels like much longer… LOL  Other days, we’re just really astonished by the blessing she’s been to us.

Georgie had a little rough start in life.  Born a little early, she had jaundice which led to rehospitalization and phototherapy, and a really difficult first few months of her life with my Postpartum Depression and her high-needs personality.

But we survived.  No, we’ve thrived.

She is spunky & tough.

She is tender & sweet.

She’s creative and artsy.

She’s observant and compassionate.

She is a cuddler and snuggler.

She’s Daddy’s Little Girl and Mommy’s Little Helper!

And she’s turning 2!

Roy & I are blessed beyond words to be her parents, and we thank God for bringing her into our family!


Happy Birthday Georgie!!!

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

The year Roy & I got married, I was flying to see him on December 4th, which is his birthday.  I was at the KC Airport and called him on my cell phone and sang “Happy Birthday” to him that soft, breathless way Marilyn Monroe might have.  He laughed.  A lot.  But he seemed to appreciate it.

I did a very short repeat performance today as we were driving around together – and he laughed.  I like to be able to make him laugh…

So we all had breakfast together (Curly got dressed up in her church dress, tights, and black shoes.  She is DEFINITELY a “Fancy Nancy.”)  We bought his birthday gifts and came home where his mom brought his birthday Banana pudding. Mmmmmm – it is some YUMMO stuff!  I love it that he gets homemade – cooked – banana pudding for his birthday!  And he has learned to share it with the rest of us. LOL

So my blog today is to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROY!!!  I am so glad you were born!  I am so glad you are my husband and that you make my life better.  Because of you I am learning to trust God more, to trust you more, to stop taking EV-ER-Y-THING so seriously, and to enjoy life!

If I could decorate cakes, this is what I’d do for you:

Happy Birthday Roy!

Happy Birthday Roy!

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Not Quite a Wordless Wednesday…

So I posted the pic below of my 2 girls – couldn’t help it – that’s a pretty “normal” everyday picture of them…

But I couldn’t close out Wednesday without wishing MY mother (Queen Martha) a Very Happy Birthday! Curly sang to her this morning by phone – her first serenade of the day – and while my day has gradually become more complicated (Georgie’s well dr visit with shots, Roy with the flu, etc…) I do wish my mom roses every hour and chai by the gallon!

One of my mom’s cousins recently sent a picture to me of my Great Grandmother whom I am not fortunate enough to remember.  My Grandma (Queen Marie) looks SO much like her, and my cousin asked if I thought my mom looks like her – which I do.  It’s really awesome to see the women we come from.  I love learning more about my maternal heritage (not just my mom’s side, but my dad’s too) and knowing about them – it’s amazing to feel the strength of them in myself, and see it continued in my girls.  While not every generation may have been blessed with faith, each generation contributes something meaningful and endless, and I feel very tied to them today.

So, in honor of my MOM (Happy Birthday, Martha!), as Abraham Lincoln once said:

All I am, or can be, I owe to my Angel Mother…

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