Happy Coffee Day!

Okay – I’m back to Coffee after a few tea posts!  I enjoyed a large cup of my favorite shop coffee this morning, but am settling in for a nice cup of afternoon tea for the moment.  Rainy, wet, dreary kind of day – but it’s warm and cozy in our home, so I’m snuggling in.

After a few tea posts, I’m glad to get back to some Company Girl Coffee talk!  But its because I have a very exciting announcement:

I’m the New Owner of Mommies Coffee Break!!!

While this will continue to be my personal blog, I have really felt God speaking to my heart about ministering to women online in a little bit different manner.  Many of the sweet people who follow me here and leave comments are already good friends of mine, and I hope you’ll all be able to follow me in both places.

It’s going to get a bit of a sprucing up in the next week or two, and then I’ll be digging into some good stuff.  I’ll be keeping up here – but things will probably be shorter (and hopefully, sweeter, too!)

If you aren’t subscribed here, just click the icons in the top left of the page – you can subscribe by email or by a reader – your choice.  And be sure to subscribe to Mommies Coffee Break, too!

I’ve always thought I might have a couple of personalities, so we’ll see how they play out online. LOL!

Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary mourns some fashion hits & misses of her youth today.  Makes me laugh.

As far as fashion is concerned, I don’t always like what is “popular” – but I tend to gravitate towards the classics with a twist.  I prefer NOT to wear black.  Ever.  I really enjoy Navy and Chocolate if I’ve got to go dark…

When I was younger, I liked to wear some brighter colors (turquoise, pink, mint green)! Thankfully, I was blessed with some nice hand me downs from gals with GREAT fashion sense (for the most part) and I was able to enjoy some outfits during Jr Hi and High School that I wistfully remember to this day.  Being an 80’s chick – I had the perm and some big hair and used banana clips like God himself created them.  (No I don’t have photos to digitally load.  Seriously, people…  But I’ve got, ahem,”friends” on Facebook who have posted a couple…)

I’d prefer to spruce up my wardrobe, but I’ll wait until Georgie realizes that smearing spaghetti sauce in her hair isn’t cute EVERY time…  Until then, I’ll enjoy the Tshirts and comfy pants and running around in sandals most of the year…

Hey – my greatest fashion accessory (besides my beautiful girls) is a GiNormous Cuppa Coffee, so as far as Fashion is concerned – I’m the IT girl!!!

P.S. – I’ve got a cookbook giveaway going on here through 10/15 – click here to find out how to enter!


CBC: Danielle Asks Why I Started Blogging

Danielle, of Danielle’s Journey, has answered my questions in our Cross Blog Conversation about her internship experience and how she got started with Sweepstakes & Giveaways.  It does sound like a really fun hobby!

So now she’s asked me a couple of questions:

home momHow long have you been blogging? As a stay-at-home (busy) mom how has it benefited your life? Okay and one last question: Why did you choose to start blogging?

I have been blogging for almost 4 years.  It started after Curly was born and family and friends wanted to see how she was growing and see pictures of her.  It was sort of a published newsletter for me.

I had Postpartum Depression (PPD) after each of the girls was born and some of my posts were actually therapeutic because I talked about how I was feeling, about how little sleep I was really getting, about some of my struggles.  It was very sporadic at first, but by the time Georgie was born, I was blogging more often and about more topics.  Blogging is much like journaling, and I love to write, so I always enjoy the venue it has afforded me.  But for probably 2 years I just wrote to family and friends – and when new people I didn’t know would make comments, I’d be surprised.

Honestly, I didn’t know anything about “mommy blogging” until after I became a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) in May 2008.  I was aware there were a lot of other mom bloggers – but I was not fully aware of how HUMONGOUS mommy blogging had become and how powerful it could be. Read the rest of this entry »

Cross Blog Conversation: Danielle Johnson of Danielle’s Journey

DanielleWhile I was a blog intern with Moms Talk Network, I learned about Cross Blog Conversations.  I got to participate in one and it was a really fun and interesting twist on my normal blog posts.

I’m really honored and pleased that Danielle, of Danielle’s Journey, who was another Moms Talk Intern invited me to participate in a CBC with her starting yesterday.  The way it works is she asked me a question via her blog post yesterday, and I am responding to it today with my answers and returning with a question of my own!  We’ll carry on back and forth a few times – and hope our readers really enjoy the conversation!

Danielle asked: Debbie, we spent ten weeks working with Kelly McCausey on her Mom’s Talk Network blogs. What three things did you take away from that experience and what have you implemented and are using currently?

Well, first of all, I can say my general attitude towards blogging changed quite a bit. Most of my blog posts were personal and shared my journey as a wife & mom – and really didn’t invite a lot of participation by anyone who read my posts, or invite my audience to return for anything other than my mommy journey.  Earlier this year I got really burdened about some issues and began some passionate blogging about them – but most everything else was more like a peek into my world, rather than an open door inviting people in to stay for awhile.  I’m finding more comments on posts – which is really fun because then I can get to know my visitors and readers better.  I enjoy that so much.

Secondly, I learned that I could do much more than I thought I was capable of doing.  During my internship, I participated in an online conference with A Woman Inspired, and took two different college courses.  It was pretty stressful at times – but I learned that with great focus, I could do much more than I expected.  I found a new confidence in my ability to manage a lot of things – although that was an extreme, and I’ll admit my brain actually hurt for several days after the internship was finished. LOL  I also learned my limitations, and know that I do NOT want to have it all, and do NOT want to have my cake and eat it too.  I’m very content (most days) being a Stay at Home Mom and learning to blog better and build some income opportunities online.

Which brings me to my third lesson learned: the opportunities to earn income on the internet are really only limited by my effort and input.  There are so many opportunities to be a Work at Home Mom – part time or full time – whether I want to run a consulting business, be a virtual assistant or web and graphic designer, or just become a better consultant with Teaporia.  I love tea so much – it’s one of my favorite things personally, so the motivation to do better with that is there.  And not just online – but offline, too!

Here’s my question for you, Danielle: I want to know what you learned as an intern that you are applying now – but would you also talk about how you found all the Sweepstakes, Contests, and Giveaways online for Mom Giveaways!?!  Did you have experience before with Sweepstakes, Contests and Giveaways?

The BEST OF The Queen Mommy’s Cafe…

I’m on a mini-vacation of sorts – visiting my parents for a couple of days – and thought I’d provide a list of some of the BEST OF The Queen Mommy’s Cafe Posts…

If YOU really enjoyed one that I missed here – let me know!  You’re probably going to notice a theme of sorts as these progress…

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It’s NOT a Mid-Life Identity Crisis. I promise!

Coffee, anyone? I don’t have breakfast ready, but coffee’s on and it’s nice & hot…

I’ve made several references to the New Blog Reveal that was going to come this summer.  Notice the past tense there? I’m in a quandary at the moment and am sitting still and listening to God about what He has to say about the matter.

When I started blogging a few years ago, the only thing I knew was how to type words into paragraphs and put them into the posting window in my blog.  I learned how to add pictures.  How to change fonts and colors, and have learned MUCH MUCH more since then.

credit: sebilden

credit: sebilden

I created the moniker “The Queen Mommy” out of a series of life events.   Being the oldest daughter of 3 children, I accepted my role as oldest with relish and took delight in bossing my brothers around like a Champ!  Of course I earned “Bossy” as a nickname and being the positive person I was, chose to translate that into something better.  Since my name means “honeybee” and the boss of the honeybees is the Queen – I pretty well embraced “Queen Bee” as my alter ego.

People who have known me have chuckled at the QB nickname and my hubby even had occasion to call me Queen Bee…

And then when I became a mommy, and my oldest displayed innately natural “Princess” tendencies practically from birth, it was an easy transition to “Queen Mommy” – especially as I began blogging.  So I started my blog using The Queen Mommy and bloggingdom has never been the same.  Or so I’d like to think. Read the rest of this entry »

What I Think About My Blog Internship

First, let me just say here and now – I personally LOVE my Simple Womans Daybook entries. Even if nobody reads them. It’s like beautifully journaling and it soothes me. And some days it runs head on with REAL LIFE. It’s mommy time – something for me. And I find myself looking at it again this morning comparing it to how the day actually turned out. We all survived (LOL) but oh how I love the quiet moments of reflection…

On with the show…

moms-talk-networkI’ve just ended my 10 week blog internship with Kelly McCausey at Moms Talk Network. I’d seen Kelly’s name around on the internet in a variety of ways, and I’d downloaded a couple of her free ebooks.  I’d gotten the impression that she was the kind of gal who KNEW her stuff about the internet.  I signed up for her affiliate programs, but never really did anything with them, cuz I was still trying to figure affiliate programs out.

One day, while browsing blogs, I saw a post about having the “last chance” to apply for a 10 week blogging internship with Kelly. And I thought – Heh, what the heck? Why not? Summer’s coming, my summer classes should be simple, maybe the girls can go to Mamaw’s a few days a week – that is, if I’m lucky enough to get chosen. In the meantime, I was gearing up for 2 summer courses, and the unexpected blessing of winning a ticket to attend “A Woman Inspired” conference online!Thinking my chances were pretty slim since I was sliding in an application at the last second, I was shocked to get a call to interview with Kelly. She was softspoken and really sweet – and I chatted with her for about half an hour. Then she offered me the opportunity to blog at Family Foodies. Read the rest of this entry »

The Simple Woman’s Daybook: July 13


Outside my window… the birds are gathering in the yard for their morning breakfast.  It’s lovely to see the variety and to hear their morning conversation – even when I’m not quite awake enough…

I am thinking… of how amazing Grace truly is.  Without it life would mean so little to me.

I am thankful for…  a husband who is so supportive and loving and my girls.  I’m so much a better person because of the gifts they bring to my life (even if my process is a bit painful…) Read the rest of this entry »