Praying for Caden

Curly is learning to pray.  Not just quoting a memorized prayer, although that is not out of the question as sometimes her prayers can ramble on.  We pray before our meals – usually she prays – and we pray as she gets tucked into bed.  She usually says her prayer, and ends with “Amen. Now your turn.”  A child’s prayer can be really sweet – it can be really rambling – and it can be downright funny.  But she is learning.

She is learning to pray from her little heart.  And one of the people we pray for regularly is her cousin, Caden.  You’ll see his picture at the top of the left sidebar.

Caden will be 4 in June.  He was diagnosed with Leukemia in August 2008.  He is undergoing heavy chemotherapy, is on & off steroids, and experiences spinal taps & biopsies far too often.  He is making progress, but there are many small battles and some minor setbacks along the way.

The general treatment last for 3 years.  His immune system suffers dramatically, as you can imagine, and he is often kept confined to avoid contracting anything.  And I mean anything.

It is very wearing on everyone in his house.  My brother, Dave, continues to work full-time for the state helping military veterans find work.  Dave is, himself, a veteran who served both in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Lyn, who deals with energy-zapping anemia, is Caden’s full-time caregiver.  Along with keeping the house clean, getting Caden to his appointments & chemo treatments, taking care of Caden’s older sisters Charlie & Chloe, and cooking, and everything else. And then there’s Charlie & Chloe – who have a sick little brother that requires a lot of attention and special treatment.

The chemo visits take place an hour away from home – and occur at least once a week.  Thankfully, a family member or friend is able to go on most trips.

Caden has a lot of ups & downs.  This is not a smooth path he is on.  He is settling into his routine, but it is still difficult, as you can imagine.

So, as Curly is learning to pray, we have incorporated prayer time for Caden.  We don’t see him often – as a matter of fact the girls haven’t seen him since Georgie’s first birthday party, due to his necessary isolation.  But we have pictures, and we talk about him, and now Curly prays for him.

Her most recent prayer went like this:

“Thank you for God.  Thank you for mom. daddy. georgie.  Help Caden to feel better.  Help his medicine to make him better.  I cry for Caden.”

Now, of all the prayers in the world, I do believe God turns an ear to a child’s prayer.  I say this not because she’s my daughter – but because she’s a child.  No hidden meaning.  No ulterior motives.  Just open-hearted prayer.

Please join with us in praying for Caden.

Lord, we pray for your endless supply of  grace fall on Caden & his family.  We know that ultimately Your Will will be revealed through this difficult time, and although we don’t understand difficulties and struggles, we can trust that Your Sovereignty never allows anything outside of your design.  We ask that Caden’s treatments work as they are intended without serious collateral damage.  That his family is surrounded with Your great mercy & grace.  That his parents are able to bear this burden together and that it strengthens their marriage, and their support of their family together.  That Charlie & Chloe feel the matchless love of their parents and for their brother – and that they are kept well & healthy to avoid bringing illness home.  That Dave is strengthened and able to trust You for all You have for them.  That Lyn is given an extra measure of grace and peace and hope as she cares for her family.  And that Caden is healed.  We thank you, Father, that you are the God Who Heals – and that no matter the circumstance – no matter the outcome – You are Lord, and you give us everything.  Amen.

Isn’t it sweet to trust in a God who cares for our every burden and every care?

Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.
Matthew 10:29-31


Caden Update

So Caden is having some trouble with high blood pressure and NOT pooping!  Argh!  Think the high blood pressure has anything to DO with not pooping???

It’s important for Caden to pass the leukemia cells out of his body through his waste, and we are praying that it happens SOON and that his numbers start looking even better.

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