A Simple Woman’s Daybook

I so enjoyed the the Simple Woman’s Daybook personally, and really feel like it is a great start to a week…  I invite you to take some time to reflect on your day – today or tomorrow or the next day – and find contentment in the Simple Things of your life…


FOR TODAY -October 12, 2009

Outside my window… it is dark and coooooold!

I am thinking… about the week ahead.

I am thankful for… girls who slept until 6 am this morning, after getting up before 5 am for the past two days…

From the kitchen… feel like baking, but don’t know what just yet.

I am wearing… well, I’m still in my jammies, getting my girls breakfast and making coffee.

I am creating… nothing yet, but I’ve got the whole day ahead of me.

I am going… to go wake my hubby up. =)

I am reading… Lies Women Believe – and he Truth that sets them free…

I am hoping… that it doesn’t stay cold today, although we’ve got snow flurries in our forecast this week.

I am hearing… Wow, Wow, Wubbzy on nickjr…

Around the house… will do some straightening and cleaning and get laundry done today!  LOVE clean laundry.

One of my favorite things… dishwashing gloves for sensitive skin that don’t make my hands break out!

A few plans for the rest of the week: This week is fairly free of appointments – but Curly & I are planning to pick apples on Friday!  Ooooh how I love Fall!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

fall leaves


One thing I particularly love about Fall is the contrast of colors.  While we may not be able to mix and match any color to please the eye, there is something about the colors of God’s creation that complement and contrast one another in the most lovely way…


Saturday Snippets

Since I didn’t do my usual Coffee Girl post yesterday, I had to share what Rachelanne is doing at Home Sanctuary for August – Home Sanctuary is a blog that just offers daily motivation to tackle things in small pieces to make your home a sanctuary.  If you participate in her challenges, and keep track of your scores, you can submit your points to win these great August prizes!  No pressure – no real contest – just a chance to take your days ONE at a time.

Wanna try a new recipe?  How about these Raspberry Cream Cheese muffins from Macaroni and Cheesecake?

Here is a sweet post from Mrs. Fussypants about Crawdads, Katydids and Family.  I love good family stuff!

If you have any desire to learn about Internet Marketing, maybe you should read about this 30 Day Challenge listed by Work At Home Mom Hacks – it’s not too late if you check it out now!!!   If you aren’t sure, just check out 7 Reasons to do the 30 Day Challenge.

Oh – and here’s some GREAT news!  Kelly McCausey is taking applications for her next round of Blogging Internship with Moms Talk Network.  This is her free program – the same program I experienced and LOVED to pieces.  This is especially great for newer bloggers who want to learn from an expert – or for someone who wants to learn more about being a profitable mommy blogger!  If you want to improve your blogging skills – I can’t recommend a better program or person to work with.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

On a personal note: Let me just say that this past week has been a really difficult one for a variety of reasons. No one’s sick or dying – but it seemed like so many parts of the week were challenging and difficult.

We’ve had some fantastic moments (Congratulations again, Roy!) and then I’ve had some struggles – time crunch factors, I’ve had a major paper to write for this psych class that I’m really struggling in (and I’m so not happy about that), a major church event upcoming and just a lot of things on my plate.  I have not handled it all with grace or dignity.  I was up one morning wide awake at 1:30 and did some writing – but it’s been rough.  When I lose sleep – well, let’s just say BEING KIND is not easily accomplished!

And then, I was reminded for the third time this week (hmmm, maybe God is telling me something?) that STARTING my day with prayer and asking for God’s guidance has a MAJOR effect on the success of my day!  So even on the day I lost significant amounts of sleep, because I started it with prayer first (coffee later) and simply fell on God all day long!  Yep – I’m weak – I need God.  And I can’t do much without Him. And thankfully He is ALWAYS there at my side just waiting for me to ask for His help and guidance…

So then again – I had some really terrific moments…  Know what I mean?

Saturday Linkies

link love


Summer is NOT over yet.  Still need ideas for summer activities?  Check out Parenting.com’s 101 Things to Do This Summer.

If you can’t afford to take a physical trip, check out this virtual visit to England – one of the places I really want to visit before I die.  Diary of a Stay at Home Mom said Pack your bags!  (And I’m ready to go!)

Do you love homemade bread?  Check out this Amish White Bread at Full Bellies, Happy Kids – looks pretty yummy (and easy) to me!

If you missed National Lasagna Day, you can still relive it by making this Vegetarian Zucchini Lasagna from Meatless Mama…  Looks delish!

I’ll admit it – I’m one of the first to ALWAYS complain about HEAT and HUMIDITY!  I. don’t. like. hot.  Even moreso, I. despise. humidity.  (I’m sure it has something to do with my upbringing in Alaska!)  I’ve been put in my place.  Read So, You Think It Is Hot Where You Are? from Nagle5 News!

In light of my recent quandary about my blog and where to go from here, Amy Bayliss asks the question (and gives me serious food for thought): Are you qualified to have an online ministry?

The BEST OF The Queen Mommy’s Cafe…

I’m on a mini-vacation of sorts – visiting my parents for a couple of days – and thought I’d provide a list of some of the BEST OF The Queen Mommy’s Cafe Posts…

If YOU really enjoyed one that I missed here – let me know!  You’re probably going to notice a theme of sorts as these progress…

My Husband Deserves A Parade!

Family Restrooms

The Zombie Queendom

Red Licorice (this post has zero comments, but STILL has several hits every month!)

At the Well – Standing for Your Marriage

CPR. It’s for Everyone

Ta-Da Tuesday! My Basic Home Notebook Forms (this is one of THE most popular posts on this blog.  It still gets tons of hits every month – and I need to update it because I’ve changed several forms since it was written.)

Friday Favorites – Devotional Series, Teaporia, Mom Printables

Making Your Home Sing Monday: Honoring Dad

And last but not least, a recent (popular) post:

Here’s to Giving Up on Perfect! My Most Embarrassing Moment

Happy Reading – Link Love Showcase!

Here are my favorites posts this week:

FAITH:  Over at the Internet Cafe this week I read that All He Has Is Yours.  Good stuff!!!

FAMILY:  Sheila over at To Love, Honor and Vacuum had me ROLLING on the floor with The Kid Dictionary.

FOOD: goodlife {eats} shared this scrumptious looking recipe for Zucchini Apple Spice MuffinsNow if only the rabbits would leave my zucchini alone…

FRIENDS:  Alyssa posted You Know You’re A Sister When at Life From My Laptop.

LIFEMomstheword has a pretty good picture of real life in her WHATEVER post!

WORK:  Here’s a great article at WAHMTalkRadio for anyone looking to Work from home: 10 Best Websites for Finding A Business to Start Next Fall.

COFFEE/TEA: Savory Sweet Life posted this rocking recipe for Homemade Frappuccinos!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  Let me know a couple of your favorites, too!

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Favorite Posts This Week…

It’s so nice to have time to read my favorite blogs – and find some new blogs to enjoy.

I enjoy finding new blogs, but have some that I just have to follow on a daily basis!

Of course there’s Like A Warm Cup of Coffee…  Don’t you just love her blog?  She did a thought-provoking three-part series on abortion in the case of rape called Sold Out For  Life(Here’s Part 2 and Part 3). It’s thought provoking to say the least.  Sarah Mae doesn’t make any compromises, but approaches her topics with grace and compassion.

Home Sanctuary.  Ahhh.  I’ve made this blog a “tab” that shows up when I come to the internet.  Her blog is like a sanctuary from the busy internet world…  I especially enjoyed her You’ve Come A Long Way, BabyIt was inspiring.

This is what I would call a Beautiful Disaster.  Make it From Scratch shared an idea for What to Do when the Jam Doesn’t SetI have such fond memories of blackberry picking with a really good friend one summer while I was still in high school.  They were living in their still-newly built house and we were able to visit for a few days.  They had wild blackberry bushes on their property at the end of their driveway and we picked buckets of them.  Then we walked back to the house and the fun began!  Blackberry jam was on the menu, and while it was still warm, it was poured over vanilla ice cream.  Oh. My. Word.  Talk about divine.  In the meantime, a blackberry cobbler was in the oven, and that was just as lovely…

Are you feeling the need to enjoy what’s left of the rest of summer?  Check out these All American S’mores Cookies from Macaroni and Cheesecake!  If S’mores aren’t your thing are you a real American? then check out these Super Easy Oatmeal Jam Bars from My Baking Addiction.  Seriously people – following foodie blogs can be dangerous.

And finally, this post at Dancing in the Margins for Word Filled Wednesday says it all.  Prepare The Way!

Questions to Ponder:

How often do you visit other blogs?

Do you seek out new blogs or do you rely on your old favorites?

What draws you to a new blog?

What keeps you going back?

Please leave comments and let me know…

Family Foodies: Our Princess Tea Party

Yesterday we had a Princess Tea party at our house.  Click here to read more…


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