I’m Singin’ In the Rain…

Making your home sing Mondays

Have you ever tried to actually Sing in the Rain?  Usually I’m a bit “froggier” during wet weather so I don’t sing with as much gusto, but I’m usually singing in my head at least…

I’ve found that doing my “chores” around the house is SOOOOOOO much better if I am listening to praise & worship music – or tappin’ your foot contemporary Christian music.  I get in a “groove” and if I’m singing while I work, the work seems to go by much faster.  I’m amazed at what I can accomplish in a short amount of time, if I’m thinking about what I’m singing rather than how many times I have to wash dishes every day…

I’ve also learned, that scent has an effect on my cleaning power, too.  Since I’ve been using more naturally derived – homemade cleaners, I enjoy cleaning more.  Much of my cleaning creations include a peppermint scent – which is just happy and bright – and doesn’t give me a headache!  Peppermint gives me a real boost – it’s energizing – and very pleasant.  There are other essential oils – like grapefruit, lavendar, eucalyptus – that will also leave a fresh scent that offers a bit of aromatherapy…

On a day when I’m down in the dumps or feeling depressed – honestly, if I will myself to get up and grab my homemade cleaner – not only do I accomplish something, but I actually feel brighter in spirit…

You can find more information about aromatherapy and essential oils here:

Mountain Rose Herbs

Aura Cacia

(But while we’re talking about peppermint – if you’re a big fan – check out this Holiday Peppermint Cake recipe!!!  Mmmmmmm)


What are You Singing?

Making your home sing Mondays

I’m just gonna be really honest – it’s been awhile since I made my home sing. Lately, I’ve been content to just find a particular level of maintenance and call it “enough” when really, it is just barely squeaking by. sigh.

One day last week I was online and really – in my heart of hearts – I just wanted to get sucked into my computer and not have to deal with two bored girls, a needy cat, bills to be paid, loads of laundry and well, you know the rest.

I don’t like cleaning toilets.

I love writing and blogging.

I don’t like cleaning up after the cat who seems to have a serious problem with gorging and then vomiting weekly.

I do love visiting with friends on Twitter and playing Farmville on Facebook.

So, at some point, God entered the picture and began clearly telling me to get off the computer.  I didn’t want to.  But God, I’m writing “Christian” stuff here – can’t I have just a DAY to myself to do fun things I want to do?


After some serious conviction I shut the computer down put it aside and began focusing on my girls.  My attitude hadn’t quite shifted, but I was moving and getting juice cups ready and thinking about lunch.  And I stayed off the computer for the rest of the day.

And you wouldn’t BELIEVE what I accomplished.  Even I couldn’t believe what I had accomplished.  It didn’t look like much had changed around here – but I knew I’d swept down the stairs and the kitchen.  I knew I’d rolled on the floor with the girls and played and laughed.  I knew several things got put back into their keeping place.

And it made a difference.  Maybe my blogging makes a difference – occasionally, on a good day – but Making My Home Sing – I can see and feel the difference…

So today, I am going to focus on my home & family – not just race through stuff – but FOCUS on what needs to be done and pray over my To Do list and pray over my computer time and ask God to help me DO the right thing.

I’m going to make My Home Sing today.

Making Your Home Sing Monday: Why Can’t a Man Be More Like a Woman?

Making your home sing Mondays

Aha! A topic I can really talk about!

Why can’t a man be more like a woman???

Why can’t he see that the trash is full and should be taken out – the living room floor is an almost impossible maze of shoes, toys, jackets, and clothes – and one lonely sock missed the laundry basket that is  sitting right there in the middle of the floor?

Truth is, he doesn’t notice those things for the same reason he doesn’t notice that the living room hasn’t been dusted for a month, the bedroom floor hasn’t been swept in days, there are cobwebs collecting at various corners of the house, and there’s only one clean glass in the cupboard because dishes haven’t been washed…

Shall I go on?  Mmmmm – maybe not.

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Making Your Home Sing Monday: Juggling Act

I can SOOOO relate to this post at Moms The Word today!

I won’t admit how many times I’ve discovered a load of laundry in my washer – 2 or even 3 days after it’s been washed. UGH! It’s easy to forget that I started the load – my washer & dryer are in our dungeon basement, and I only go there to DO laundry. I need to find a way to post a reminder somewhere around my house so I can avoid that yukky sour smell!!!

Anyway – I will be the first to admit that I cannot do it all. I don’t want to do it all.  Doing enough is good enough for me.  And my family.

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Making Your Home Sing Monday: Honoring Dad

This is a good post for us to apply to our home.

Our Dad, Roy, works long days, long hours and we miss him.  And when he comes home there is often chaos – excitement at his arrival, some resentment that he’s gone so long (not that it’s his fault – and it ), and a major change in the flow of our day.  It is not BAD that he comes home – no – we would much rather he BE home than not.

I think to be honest, we are all learning ot make DAD the final authority in our home.  This is not easy.  For any of us.  I am used to being bossy.  And running our home all day long puts me in that mode of Being #1.  And when Roy comes home, I’m not always ready to relinquish that role.  It takes an attitude adjustment on my part – and frankly, I’m not always willing to make it.  THAT causes serious problems for all of us, and my sinful choice affects all of us.  Seeing that, realizing it, and suffering from the consequences DEFINITELY motivate me to lose my bad attitude and LET GO when it is time. Hearing my husband pray and be thankful for my submissive heart is another motivator, too.  As far as our children go, I think that Mom’s the Word is right on when she says:

We want to involve our husbands in the decision making. Sending the child to dad with their questions establishes not only dad’s authority, but also teaches the child that they can go to dad with anything. It teaches them that dad is interested in what they’re thinking, feeling, etc. The kids get used to going to mom all day when dad is at work, and they will often continue to go to mom even when dad is home.

Besides that, it gives mom – at least THIS mom – a bit of respite from the all-day responsibility, too.  I get overwhelmed by that at times, and teaching the girls to go to dad brings a bit of of a breather to me.

Another aspect for me to continue to work on is referencing Dad throughout the day.  With the girls, and with my own list of “to do’s” as I go through them.  When I remember to ask Roy if he needs or wants me to do anything for him during the day, I feel more accountable to complete them.  When I don’t, I need to answer to him.  (Believe me, this goes against a lot of years of holding completely different views about marriage and roles of marriage and parenting – so this is an internal struggle with me.) I’m finding that it gives me a greater sense of PURPOSE in my day when I do this – when I make myself available to Roy for accomplishing things, and when I hold up my end of that – and the tasks of my day (my whole day) seem to hold more meaning in them.

One area I MUST yield my own way – is in the way Roy & I purpose to do things.

At heart, I’m a – Here’s my list of things to do, let’s go through them and get them done and move on to the next thing! kind of gal (for the most part);  Roy is very thoughtful and intentional about his decisions (he takes his time) and mulls over them before doing anything.  That would be why we married almost 13 years AFTER we met…

Can you sense my impatience here? (We laugh about the time it took to get married now – but it wasn’t funny “in the process”)

It causes more grief for us probably than just about anything else.  I’m always chomping at the bit and he’s always enjoying the ride.  There is opportunity for balance here and it is one area that I find myself going to the Lord about OFTEN.

I will be honest – the more that Roy & I have moved into proper alignment with the Lord and with one another, the HAPPIER our family is.  The BETTER we handle difficult situations.  The SMOOTHER our days move along.  The CLOSER we are as a family.

There is rhyme and reason to God’s design for the family, and I am seeing it play out daily (sometimes hourly) in my own family.  It is critical that I treat Roy with respect out of a desire to please God, so our girls can learn to respect him, too, and in the process have a willing, yielding heart to the Lord.

So, to make OUR home sing today:

1. I am starting a Marriage Bible Study with a group of women in one of my online network sites.  Yay – Accountability!

2. We are going to greet daddy with HAPPINESS tonight if it kills me.  Or if I have to kill someone.  Whichever comes first. (just kidding – had to throw some humor in on a really difficult monday morning…)

3. I am going to do the things Roy asked me to do first – accomplish them and keep him first in our thoughts and focus for the day.

4. We girls are going to think of 3 reasons each why we love Daddy and tell him when he gets home.