It’s Raining Coffee!!!

Woohoo!  Company Girls – Happy Friday!

Wouldn’t it be GREAT if it was raining Coffee???  Or Tea???  Sure our clothes might change colors, but think about how the caffeine would affect our, ahem, cellulite!  When I’m brave enough to make my own soap, I think I’ll use coffee grounds as an exfoliant!

Speaking of dirty clothes – I was brave enough to make my own laundry detergent last week – and so far so REALLY good!  It’s very inexpensive and made about 3 gallons and has done a bangup job on the piles of laundry I accomplished this week (no applause necessary!)  I plan to keep using it – although I need to find an essential oil to add a little bit of fragrance.  I DO love the fresh, clean scent of good laundry detergent.

I found my laundry detergent at Tip Nut’s 10 Homemade Laundry Soap Detergent Recipes.  I used Recipe #1.  It is IMPORTANT to allow the soap to fully melt or you’ll get a gritty mess.  I also plan to use 2 gallons of WARM water next time, because I think it will help everything incorporate.  My first batch was better after I used my stick blender to stir it up really well.

Vinegar really is a CHEAP, effective fabric softener. I love the way vinegar works as a fabric softener – it really makes everything soft and doesn’t leave a lingering scent. I can get 2 gallon jugs of vinegar at Sam’s club for about $4, and vinegar is useful for other cleaning in the house, too!

About 18 months ago we started using more eco-friendly products for home and cleaning – and making our own detergent and cleaners is not only something I enjoy, it’s very cost effective and I’m finding GREAT sources for recipes online!

My other favorite thing for laundry is Dawn dish detergent.  I saw several posts on my Homemaker Mentor Society group this week about using Dawn for greasy stains.  I had a little bit of some Dawn Pure Essentials left and used it on a STAINED shirt that I haven’t worn for months but couldn’t bear to get rid of.  The stain is GONE!  Hello, my Little Friend, Dawn!!!  (Now I have 3 favorite Dawns in my life!)

I have another recipe I hope to try soon – for Lotion Bars.  Do you like lotion bars?  With winter and dry skin coming – I hope to find a more natural and inexpensive way to keep our skin softer…  Once I’ve tried it, I’ll let you know and share the recipe. =)

Do you have any favorite homemade cleaners or skin care products you use?

(P.S. – check out 1001 Uses for White Distilled Vinegar for more info about how awesome it is to use in laundry, for cleaning, and more!)


Monday Musings

Well, we only got about 6″ of snow, but it came down hard at times and local roads are essentially packed down.  It snowed off & on all day Saturday, and even yesterday – but Roy was still able to get out to Walmart on Saturday.  We pretty much “loafed” all weekend, but that was NICE!

School starts for me today – Physiological Psychology and Marketing.  Both with intense assignments and collaborative projects.  After glancing at the course charts & syllabi, I’m a little intimidated, and glad I’m only taking the 2 courses!  I’m going to take some time today and get a good handle on what the classes require.  They’re only 8 week classes, so they’re intense, but I’ll get everything down on my calendar and can manage it better that way.

My friend, Kim – I mentioned her recently.  She was my best friend in 2nd grade when I lived in Alaska – she still lives there – and we are catching up with each other on Facebook, and now at Christian Stay At Home Moms, too.  I’m very excited!

Kim listed her favorite website as Frontier Co-op, so I visited it and was really glad I did.  They’re a vendor for natural and organic products – herbs, spices, foods, teas – FANTASTIC!  So I’ve added their link to my shopping list – along with Herbtrader.  Herbtrader is another great site with naturally-derived, organic products – including cosmetics, supplements, natural remedies, cleaning & laundry – at really good prices!

I’m not a totally converted “Mother Earth” Mom (yet), but my lifelong interest in natural remedies & cures, herbs/spices, alternative energy (my Grandpa used to install solar panels on houses – I always thought that was SO cool!) – along with my personal interest in safer cleaning & laundry products – has reminded me of one of the FIRST blessings and commands God gave to human beings – to rule the earth and subdue (replenish) it.

Finding & using sustainable products, recyled packaging, and recycling products is all part of taking care of what God has given us.  As I am learning to walk more with Him daily, I am reminded of the incredible gifts He has given to us including the resources on our planet.  Research continues to find and science continues to PROVE the healing available to us in the naturally derived materials and products on earth.  Like, for example, these things:

Honey & Cinnamon


Grape Seed Extract

note: this does not represent medical advice and does not replace any health regimen or medications prescribed by a physician.  Do not discontinue any medications or other advice given by a physician without consulting physician first.

I just think we’ve been given a lot of gifts – natural gifts – that are often overlooked and when it comes to choosing synthetic chemicals vs. natural products, I’m learning to choose more natural products…  And I like it.