The Plans of Mice and Moms…

I should never make any declarations here about how I will have something posted by a specific date!  You’d think I would learn this – but I can be slow sometimes…

Nap Strikes continue.  Late nights and early morning wakings have been added.  Mommy’s lack of sleep – combined with two tired girls and and many looming deadlines have had a serious effect on me.


And not the good kind you get from eating ice cream too fast!

I have a serious paper due Sunday for my class – haven’t touched it.  I’ve had posts I need to write – A Woman Inspired Conference sessions to attend – a much needed Bible study that started Monday blogs I want to visit – people I want and need to be in touch with…

And two little girls who are either bored (or mad that mommy is on the computer) because we’ve had two separate incidents (on consecutive days) of discovering bottles of body wash or other goopy “treasure” which apparently NEED to be smeared all over the floor – or hair – or clothing…

You’d think I would be able to laugh and take pictures.  I would love to have the evidence to show in a massive screen slide show at someone’s Sweet Sixteen party or Wedding Reception – but in my current condition, picture taking has been the last thing on my mind…

Instead – I am trying to quit fighting the process and just go with the flow.  Which means FAR LESS time at the computer.  Even though I’m a speed reader and speed typist…

As deadlines loom – SOMEHOW the paper will get written and I will manage to get the necessary things done.  I’m powerblogging while they’re still asleep this morning but am going to spend time with my hubby before he goes into work.

So for this week – I’m going to color, blow bubbles, and have tickle fights.  My brain needs a break and I need to enjoy my Mommyness!

****    ****    ****    ****    ****

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Check out Sarah Mae & Christin’s team blogging about Diciplining your children, too!  GOOD stuff there!

Until next time – Have a Blessed Day!


From the Beginning…

“Transformation is not a light switch.  It is a process.”

This is a statement our Pastor made in his sermon yesterday – and I could totally relate.

Just about two years ago, I was still pregnant with Georgie.  I was working full-time and really loved my job.  I had a lot of responsibility and it was challenging, rewarding work.  I interacted with a wide variety of people – and my coworkers were Da Bomb!

Roy & I had been talking about how soon we might be able to manage my being at home full-time.  We had several loans & bills that needed to be taken care of, and we hoped that within a year we could afford for me to stay home.

I developed gestational diabetes during my pregnancy, and despite the concerns, did not experience the energy-draining nausea I’d experienced with Curly.  Just before I was to begin insulin injections at around the 37th week, I went into labor and she was born in July. Read the rest of this entry »

Making Your Home Sing Monday: Why Can’t a Man Be More Like a Woman?

Making your home sing Mondays

Aha! A topic I can really talk about!

Why can’t a man be more like a woman???

Why can’t he see that the trash is full and should be taken out – the living room floor is an almost impossible maze of shoes, toys, jackets, and clothes – and one lonely sock missed the laundry basket that is  sitting right there in the middle of the floor?

Truth is, he doesn’t notice those things for the same reason he doesn’t notice that the living room hasn’t been dusted for a month, the bedroom floor hasn’t been swept in days, there are cobwebs collecting at various corners of the house, and there’s only one clean glass in the cupboard because dishes haven’t been washed…

Shall I go on?  Mmmmm – maybe not.

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Making Your Home Sing Monday: Emotions

Here is the original post.  This is my first time participating in this meme, and I think it’s a good way to start the regular week.

THIS post was written for me. Not that I personally know the author – but this is EXACTLY where I am at RIGHT NOW.

It is HOT. I don’t like HOT. I don’t enjoy sticky, sweaty weather. It is NOT my thing, and it makes me TERRIBLY irritable and cranky.

NOT that it is a real excuse to be so irritable and crabby with my family. And yet I am. And have been for TOO many days. ARGH!

And yes, I can be pleasant and shake hands with strangers at church, and turn around and be harsh with my family. (ouch!)  Feeling the sting of conviction today…

So, today, waking up early and having some cuddly time with Roy (it being NOT so HOT at 5 a.m.), and time for coffee, I determined to be different today.

Breakfast with the girls.  Some cuddling & TV time.  And then out of the house.  Shopping.  Not buying – just time together out of the house.

It is sunny.  Beautiful.  And thankfully, BREEZY, today.  While the girls nap, I am getting myself “together” – devotions, making phone calls that need to be made, laundering 1 load of (very dirty from playing this weekend) clothes, decluttering & straightening the Living Room, and planning for the week.

Otherwise, taking deep breaths, and enjoying ICED tea!

After naps – it’ll be time to play outside on the “new” swingset and drawing with chalk on the back patio.

I’ve been praying through my day.  Praying for wisdom.  For a “quiet and gentle” spirit.  Remembering the wonderful Ladies Event at church this past weekend – and knowing God can fill me up where I’m empty.  When I ask.  When I need it.  Not pressing on through “lists” or “chores” so much today.

Mondays are a hard adjustment for all of us because Daddy goes back to work.  Not a good day to put a lot of pressure on “doing” – but a great day to just spend time “being” – and being together.

Less TV time and more Praise & Worship music today…

And that’s how I am praying to make MY home sing today!!!

Monday Memes – At the Well & 1 Cor. 7:5


You really should pop over to read this sweet post by Penny At the Well today.  It falls right in line with my post summing up this past weekend…

Stressful times abound.  Chaos threatens to steal away peace. How do we respond to it?  As Christians?  As wives? As mothers?  We know actions speak louder than words (and that was more evident to me this past weekend than ever before)

Our questions for today are:

Life’s storms will come sometimes when we least expect them, how do we give our children a “safe feeling” in the midst of a life storm?

Sometimes chaos is created by our own efforts of trying to do too much, how can we maintain a peaceful home where chaos is prevented?

How can we as wives and mothers actually calm the storm?

My reactions to life’s storms absolutely affect my children, and also teach them how to handle the storms in their lives.  If I am trusting in my power, I am not relying on God’s grace, strength, peace, or wisdom to respond appropriately.  Instead, I react in my own weakness – and safety (or peace or joy or love or kindness) is not a feeling that flows from me.  This is when I must surrender my will, my desires, even my dreams – in order to let God work through me.  So they can see how God meets our greatest needs and blesses us abundantly, and how falling on Him in times of stress is our ONLY HOPE.

Yep, chaos is absolutely at the root of “doing too much” in my life.  It isn’t necessarily that I have too much on my plate.  It’s more like I pile it all up on the same side instead of placing it around my plate so I can enjoy each thing in its own time.  Instead of taking things one at a time, I try to do too much at one time.  I am pushed along by pressure, by panic, in a rush toward perfectionism .  Trusting God for guidance in meeting my responsibilities and LETTING GO are the keys for me to rest in the still waters, accomplish necessary work, and teach my girls – in actions and words – what is important in life: Reliance on God in & for all things.

Calming the storm for my family – I must   1) rely on God’s strength and pray for Him to work through me to touch my family, 2) pray continually for God to reign in every situation, and 3) provide my husband with the support and my children with the tools to seek the same peace in their lives during stressful times: Prayer, Singing, Scripture and Maintaining a right spirit.

Allowing God to continue to reveal sin in my life so I can confess it to Him and repent, renew my heart & mind (Philippians 2:5), strengthen my resolve to do right (Galatians 6:9), and lead me in His ways (Psalm 139:24) will provide more opportunities for Him to be in the midst of the storms that come our way.

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.   ~ Philippians 4:7

1 Cor. 7:5 Challenge

This week’s challenge:  Tell him what you want…

If you’re just joining me – the 1 Corinthians 7:5 challenge is a motivation for wives to seek out and achieve more sexual intimacy with their husbands.  The topics are personal, but I promise to be as tactful as possible.

I’ll be honest – I have seen several posts on many blogs I visit regularly about pursuing sexual intimacy in marriage.  Whether it’s just a hot topic – or whether it’s just something wives are talking about more – it is obviously a need, and something we should address.

In this particular area, I have no problem asking for or saying what I like and what I want.  My problem is not in the content – it is very much in the approach.  Sometimes I’m whiny (so NOT sexy); sometimes I’m impatient (yeah, that’s motivational, isn’t it?); and sometimes, I think I’m being very clear, when in fact, I am not being understood very well (talk about Mars vs. Venus!) and the miscommunication leads to frustration for both of us.

This area takes both the willingness to say what I need or want, but also an attitude that presents my request in a way that is encouraging, motivational, and understood by my husband.  When he understands and “gets” what I’m saying – it can be a very good thing…  It takes practice.  It takes feedback.  It requires my willingness to state and restate until he “gets” what I’m saying in his terms. And yes, sometimes it takes action…

So, I will work on this during the week.  Hopefully, I earn an “A”!!!

Until next time,


Monday Memes – At the Well, 1 Cor. 7:5 Challenge

YAY – I’m back!  I’m very excited to be able to participate this week in these 2 really great, often challenging memes!


This is a really great post, and makes me happy to know Spring is coming!  Patty’s observation is so simple, too, and I appreciate the analogy she has used.

…that the [resurrection] life of Jesus also may be shown forth by and in our bodies. ~2 Corinthians 2:10b

Join in the discussion today:

Think about your daily life as a wife, mother and child of God.
What are some ways that you have persisted when you have been knocked down?
How have these circumstances brought glory to the Father?

I continue to care about our home & family – despite the chaos of 2 little ones, trying to finish my degree online, repeated illnesses, needed house renovations & busy schedules we have.  For me, that’s a serious accomplishment.  I haven’t given up (Oh, I want to.  I say I’m going to.  I just don’t.) I made a household notebook that I am putting into practice, with charts for the girls’ accomplishments too (Curly – dressing, brushing teeth, “homework,” etc.; Georgie – potty training), so we can celebrate our successes.  Using Flylady as a launching pad, I am building a routine schedule for us to maintain, and finding ways to be more frugal.  It is a challenge for me.  It’s not easy – so I want to give up.  It’s not exciting – so I get bored.  The results are not easily maintained – so I get frustrated.

But, in fully embracing the roles God has given me as a woman, wife, & mother, I am learning how much I actually (brace yourselves) ENJOY the sense of success and accomplishment when my family has drawers overflowing with CLEAN clothes, and dishes are done, and meals are being cooked & enjoyed at home.  The small successes are actually huge for my family and that’s very fulfilling.

I believe that in accepting & embracing my roles, God is innately glorified.  It’s a struggle still – I’m far too selfish – but as I follow Him more closely, He becomes more evident in my life.  My family sees, by far, the times I fail – my girls see my actions and hear my words and KNOW when I’m doing what’s right, or when I’m being selfish.  It’s so important for me to stay close to the Lord so they can see HIM in me.  THAT is when He is truly glorified in my life.


1 Cor. 7:5 Challenge

Well, much like our fearless leader in this challenge, I’ve fallen way behind…  And this week is just not conducive to catching up, well, at least for a few days…  It’s amazing how much LIFE can get in the way of intimacy.  I honestly NEVER thought there could be so many reasons to get in the way of, well, you know…  It doesn’t help that at least once every week, each of our girls ends up in our bed in the middle of the night – neither one of us knowing it until we are awakened by a smack in the face of a smaller, widely flung arm…

So, I’m praying that by the end of this week, things can get back on track.  New panties HAVE been bought, old undies have been scrapped.  Our bedroom is slowly moving into a more romantic setting with new scents and some scenery.  And hopefully as the week progresses, I can get back into the game mentally and really step up to the challenge by getting on board and catching up – maybe even trying 2 or 3 of the challenges at once…  Talk about Shock & Awe!

So, if you have lost track and can’t remember where we’re at – OR if you’re new to the whole challenge, go here.


Thoughtfull Thursday – Try, Try Again

My friend Kim – one of my best friends from 2nd grade, with whom I’ve reconnected via Facebook (yes!) – & I have been emailing this week. That has been so nice.  Catching up with each other, discovering similar characteristics in our husbands, and differences in preference for tea…

She is a Kindred Spirit – absolutely.  I was Diana to her Anne (she has the naturally red hair and I’m usually the brunette), although I am not sure which of us is more dramatic…

Anyway, she has been sharing some of her recent poetry with me, reminding me of a time when all I could THINK about was writing poetry (and how the Haiku totally messed me up for a minute or two!) My mom kept some of my poems – and I’m sure there are others tucked away in the many boxes of “treasures” I have.

And then I was reading tonight and found one of the VERY first poems I ever learned – I ever memorized.  It was about the time that Kim & I were classmates, and I remembered how profound it was to me at the age of 8 or 9, and wanted to share it with you here:

Try, Try Again

Author Unknown

Here’s a lesson all should heed

Try, try again.

If at first you don’t succeed-

Try, try again.

Let your courage well appear,

If you only persevere,

You will conquer, never fear-

Try, try again.

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