Tea-Time Thursday…

Mmmmm – Fall is just another reason to cozy up with a good book and a great cup of tea.

I grew up drinking iced tea.  My mom made it by the GALLON while we were kids.  LOVE the stuff!  She used sugar until sweetener came along, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve switched to honey as often as possible for sweetening my tea.

Even moreso, I’ve grown to really enjoy tea.  It’s a “me” thing in my house – although my girls enjoy our Princess Tea Party (as long as we have Bubblegum tea!) – but for the most part – it’s something that I can enjoy, especially during nap time – while I’m working on the computer, studying homework, or watching a “chick flick” by myself.

It’s what drew me to Teaporia in the first place.  I looked at a few direct sales Tea companies – and several were really great – but had a pricey startup or a serious quota requirement, and Teaporia now only has minimal requirements (one sale of any size every 3 months…).


Teaporias Buckingham Palace Garden Party

Not only that, but they also offered the best tea I’ve ever tasted – Buckingham Palace Garden Party – as I’ve mentioned before. It is such a beautiful cup of tea – a blend of Earl Grey, Jasmine, Assam, and Ceylon teas.

There’s something so lovely about savoring a cup of tea.  While I LOVE my coffee on an almost daily basis, tea is something of a treat – something leisurely – something that brings to my mind tranquility.


Teaporias Butterfly Cup & Saucer

It’s surely my attitude about tea, as I drink a variety of teas: black tea, herbal teas, white tea, english tea…  And the whole idea of “taking tea” brings to mind quiet afternoons – so I relish the moments when I can enjoy a full cup of tea and drink it to the last drop while it’s still hot from a lovely cup & matching saucer!

The cool mornings and evenings that require sweaters and coverlets are so cozy with a thermos of freshly brewed tea.  At a football game, or while my 4 year old is playing soccer – a cup of tea would do me just right – even in a styrofoam cup… (Yep, I’ve got to get a thermos!)

There’s a process to making great tea – it isn’t just left alone to “do its thing” so much as it requires some attention and timing – but oh, it is so worth the wait…

Do you love tea?  What’s your favorite blend or flavor?  Do you have a favorite or memorable experience with tea?

Teaporia is celebrating it’s 3rd Anniversary during October and we have some amazing specials going on (COUPON CODE REQUIRED):

  • 30% discount off ALL teas
  • Children’s Teasets are 30% off (perfect for Christmas!)
  • Try-Me Special –  1-24 oz infuser teapot, 2-2oz pkgs of tea, 6 honey sticks, & a honey spoon for just $24.06! It comes prepackaged in cellophane for gift giving!
  • Anyone hosting one or more tea parties with over $250 in sales will receive a $30 gift certificate!

Children's Ladybug Tea Set

Children's Ladybug Tea Set

If you are interested in placing an order OR hosting a tea party in October, please contact me and I’ll be happy to provide your COUPON CODE and link for ordering!!!


Princess Tea Party 101

teapot collection


If you are the mother, grandmother, aunt, big sister, father, favorite babysitter, etc., of one or more special “Princesses” hosting a Princess Tea Party can be a breeze!  Not only can it be a fun way to practice etiquette and celebrate accomplishments, it also provides a perfect setting for spending quality time with your favorite girl(s).  Boys can be included if they’re willing to put up with a bit of girly behavior and participate in the decorum of the party…

You don’t have to be an expert in hospitality, a connoisseur of teas, or even a collector of the finest china.  All you really need is a love for your girls and an enjoyment of tea and special time together.

Practically speaking, here’s what you need: Read the rest of this entry »

Prayer And Business: Ideal Partners

Alyssa Avant, of Beauty By Design Ministries, has been a guest blogger here on occasion.  She and I have had several opportunities to connect through a variety of social networks like Twitter, A Woman Inspired Conference, and other places.  I always enjoy my conversations with her, and we are developing a really sweet online friendship.

We are now venturing into talks about a partnership for a website and ministry working together.  She shared this post earlier this week – Prayer & Business, They Go Hand in Hand.  It’s very exciting and we are praying over it daily.  More on these developments later!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

On another fun note, I posted a great recipe at Cuppa Love for Teapot Cookies.  Now, they’re not really made out of teapots!  They are just YUMMY cookies cut into cute teapot shapes.  If you love shortbread cookies, try this recipe out – they are buttery and not too sweet.  Perfect for your next cup of tea!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Speaking of tea, I’ve been trying some new flavors from Mt Olive Treasures.  Their website is under construction – but I selected this tea because it was formulated (in Israel) using olive leaves, pomegranate leaves and hyssop in every blend.  Their website is under construction, but here’s their Facebook Fan page!  I’m out of my Teaporia teas, and found this collection to tide me over until I place my next order.

Tea-riffic Thursday!

So have you been enjoying your iced tea this summer?  I’ll admit I’m hung up on Iced Mochas right now – but I can only drink so many of them before I get sick.  Not to mention the calories consumed…

Iced Tea is the perfect solution!

Just because National Iced Tea Month is over, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy one of the world’s favorite summer beverages.

With my fresh peppermint growing out back, I am going to have a fresh jug of tea made today.  I’ll just use my regular black tea bags for now with a couple sprigs of peppermint (Mmmm – that’ll be so refreshing!)

What I really long for is some great fruity-flavored tea!

Teaporia has some great blends that make terrific iced teas for summer!  Red, White & Blue is Teaporia’s July theme:  Red Raspberry in Paris, White Swiss Truffle (oh. my. word. is it good!) and Blueberry Bang are all on special during the month of July – saving 25% on any of these 3 flavors!

Doesn’t raspberry tea sound yummy?

And if you love Christmas, check out the Christmas in July sale in the Accessories ~ Holiday Collection!!!

To check out the specials, over 100 flavor blends, as well as the scone mixes and more – click the image below!

Hey Listen – if you don’t feel like plunking down some change on great tasting tea or yummy scone mix – maybe this will appeal to you!  Read this post about a ministry to widows and pray about contributing to their needs:  Like a Warm Cup of Coffee: What is Pure Religion?

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National Iced Tea Month!

Okay, yes, “national” month themes are overdone – but this is one I personally enjoy so I’m going to write about it. =)

Growing up – and I’ve mentioned this before – we almost always had iced tea in our refrigerator.  Sometimes Kool-aid – RARELY any pop or soda of any kind.  We drank water, tea, or milk.  And because milk was expensive, we often resorted to tea.  We had patchens of spearmint growing in several of the places we lived, so we would add some freshly crushed mint and sugar to our tea. (And then came artificial sweetener, which we started using.  Now our sweetener of choice is Splenda.)

I got an email from Splenda today with some really interesting Iced tea recipes – if you’re a fan of iced tea, I invite you to check them out!  Here is one for Boston Iced Tea.  Here is another for Lemonade Tea (yum!)   Oh – and there’s always Russian Tea.

What a PERFECT time to try one of Teaporia’s 100+ tea blends!

Whether you prefer herbal or green, black or white – Teaporia has so many teas to choose from, why not try several?

Start with a Sample Bag Special (25 samples for $10!) or settle on one or two different flavors in 1, 2, 4, or 8 ounce packages!  With flavors like Blackberry Leaves or Raspberry Leaves (herbal) – Apricot, Ginger Peach, Morning Sunshine, or Raspberry Honey (black).  There are white teas, green teas, chai teas, and children’s teas – so you’ve got plenty of room to try something new!

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

And while you’re sipping your favorite new blend, please visit my “Talk to Me” post and leave me some feedback!  I appreciate the comments from those of you who left them and look forward to more!!!

April Specials and Autism Awareness Month


Save 20% on orders of $25 or more!

Start with a sampler pack or try the flavors of the month: Niagara Peach or Wild Strawberry!  Don’t they both sound DELISH!?!

April is Autism Awareness Month!

Color of the Month is Goddess – 10% off all month.
Our Featured Product of the Month is the new Stickabuki – 10% off all month
***Free shipping continues until Easter***. On Easter Monday, the shipping charges will return to the website and this will be the last time we do free shipping at least until May.

Samples are a great way to test colors and try new makeup that is safe for you to use!
ALSO from Mineralicious: April is Autism Awareness Month – 10% of all sales this month are going to benefit Autism Speaks, as well as the Judevine Center for Autism. There will be a series of 1 day specials throughout the month to boost sales (and our donation dollars). We are also selling “Puzzle Pieces for Autism”, which are like the Thanksgiving Squares we did to raise money for the Angel Food boxes at Thanksgiving. Those will be up on the site by Monday, 4/6.

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Ta-Da Tuesday! Homekeeping & WAHM resources, March specials

I have several sites I want to share with you today.


Homemakers Society. I’m always looking for tips & resources to help motivate me with my responsibilities at home and this group has been encouraging, to say the least, so I’m enjoying my membership to this group already.  Basic Lifetime Membership is inexpensive, and you get extra goodies with the deluxe membership. (Just after I wrote this, I checked my mail and got a little envelope from Martha at HMS.  I joined with the basic lifetime membership, so inside was a cute little keychain, recipe card for Chocolate cake, and a business card I can keep with me…) This Yahoo! group sees some very useful activity, a database with recipes & menu ideas, as well as helpful files posted monthly by the administrators!  The format of the files is both attractive & user friendly, and I’m printing them for a pretty notebook of homekeeping recipes, tips, stories, etc.

A sister site to this with a more interactive quality, is The Homemakers Mentor.  Because this site is much more interactive (personal mentoring & online lessons), the cost is higher, but can be billed monthly or annually.  Here is a sample lesson, and here are more freebies.  The ladies who put this together, also have other websites, which are just charming.  Marmee Dear – Home Circle (by Martha) and Hope Chest Legacy (by Rebekah).

I’m going to talk about Notebooking later this week.  I’ve learned a few things about it, and realized I’ve been doing it for many years, but rather haphazardly.  Part of my home reorganization includes notebooking, so I’ll address that in upcoming posts.


Are you a WAHM?  Are you looking to expand your business?  Check out the WAH Mommy Biz Network, on the ning network (if you already have membership to a ning website, you can easily join this network, too.  Signing up for ning is VERY easy, and free, and there are so many great groups with fantastic resources…) WAHM Biz Network used to be Mom2MomWAH, but they reformulated their group and it’s got a fresh new look.

I have found 2 traffic exchange sites through WAHM Biz, and am looking to build my businesses a bit more this year.  The Paris Shopping Spree Traffic exchange is a growing network with a wide variety of mommy-businesses.  The WAHM Traffic Exchange is a sister site, with the same principles.  (Free memberships are available, it just means you surf more in exchange for traffic to your sites.  Paid Memberships are inexpensive, and very low for a limited time. Paying for extra advertising is minimal, too, and it’s a good way to get your name out there.) I’ve found a few really nice mom shops that I hope to visit more often.

Mommy Bloggers Club (more ning) is a site for any mom blogger – with groups for WAHMs, SAHMs, Christian moms – all kinds of networking available.  The great thing is – this is a very large group with a wide variety of topics, resources, and more.  I find that these sites are where I’m more active.  Give me some free printables, some groups with good activity – and I’m there every day.

CWAHM (not ning) is THE site I visit daily.  I don’t always get to socialize as much as I’d like, but this site offers some TERRIFIC resources to find work at home, WAH business comparisons, tips, articles, & more.

If you’re a WAHM looking to build your business – if you’re a SAHM looking for tips, resources & more to help with Homekeeping – of if you just want some social activity – I highly recommend these sites to you!


Teaporia specials for March are discounts on purchase of any Irish Breakfast Tea blends (there are 5).  Samples are back to $.50 each (but you can still get 1-3 cups per sample), and I’ve seen at least 5 new tea blends added in the past couple of weeks.  To see these specials and more, click here.

Mineralicious has 17 eye shadow colors on special this month in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.  These are just the green shades, of course, so you can imagine how many eyeshadow colors are available! =)  Sample bags come with enough for many uses, and are a good way to discover a color that may (surprisingly) complement you.  One such color for me was “Salute.”  It is sort of a light Army Green shade that I kinda sneered at when I saw it in the bag.  However, when I applied it – WOW.  It pops my green eyes out and ends up being a complementary, soft khaki green on my eyes.  To see for yourself, click here.

This is the PERFECT month to “GO GREEN” for life!  Making changes, such as recycling & reusing products in your home is smart and efficient.  Buying safer products you use every day – that don’t contain harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients – is another way to not only help the environment, but to protect your family.  Work at Home United is affiliated with an international wellness company that has been making safe, effective, economical products (cleaning, laundry, nutritional supplements, personal care & more) for over 23 years.  In comparison shopping, you can’t beat these products: their nutritional supplements are the best you can buy (scientific research has shown they are the most readily absorbed by the body); and the concentrated cleaning/laundry products will save you money!  To request more information, click here.

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