The Queen Mommy

And how does she get away with calling herself that???

Hi.  Welcome to my blog.  I’m Debbie.

Being “The Queen Mommy” is more about my aspiration than my current condition. My continuous search for gentle, gracious, loving, practical wifehood & motherhood through Jesus Christ is on!!!

My favorite quote: Once a queen or king of Narnia – ALWAYS a queen or king of Narnia!

Here is my Disclosure Policy.

Currently I am a stay at home wife & mom, and I’m a consultant with Teaporia!  I’m currently attending college online, focused on completing my degree in Psychology with specialization in Christian Counseling through Liberty University.  I enjoy photography, reading, cooking & baking, and when I can, love to immerse myself in scrapbooking, although that’s one hobby on hold for now… I really enjoy drinking coffee & tea, and we like having Princess Tea Parties at our house!

My true-love husband Roy & I were married December 2003 – and we now have two funny, spunky, sparkling little girls, Curly & Georgie. Because I take life & myself much too seriously, I started blogging to help me get perspective. It is the best (free) therapy I’ve ever had! Since I’ve become a SAHM, I’m looking to really expand my horizons and get outside of just ME, and really offer some resources, ideas, suggestions, and helps for wives & moms everywhere!

Along with Home Keeping and Work At Home resources, I am also moved to talk about my personal experience with Abortion and Adoption. Abortion has become so political that the women who experience it often fall through the cracks… I hope that in time, I will be able to have even a miniscule impact on that!

Promoting awareness and attention to Human Trafficking has become a passion. Unbelievably, it is a big business and is rampant in the United States. Victims of Human Trafficking are forced into sexual slavery or manual labor. The sex slavery industry average target age of entry is 12!!! This horrific crime continues because there is a demand for it. The more we know shed light on this problem, the more we can address this issue and fight the demand.

So now that we’ve met, I invite you to sit back – relax – grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea and strap yourself in. The Queen Mommy is on the ride of her life!!!

Feel free to comment, or contact me

One Response to “The Queen Mommy”

  1. Sofia Hogan Says:

    Debbie, I wish you all the success in your journey and admire you for attending Liberty online. Being true to ourselves and values mean so terribly much!


    Sofia Hogan
    on twitter @sofiahogan

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